Liver Disease and Diabetes

liver disease and diabetesWhen you hear about diabetes you think of poor diet, lack of exercise, being overweight and having uncontrolled blood sugar. Once you are diagnosed you will also start to find out there are many other disorders that seem to follow right along with diabetes. Fatty liver disease is one of them. Although it may not show up when you are doing your research on being diabetic, if you speak with your doctor he will tell you that it is very much a real threat for the patient if they are not careful. It can lead to many other conditions which can be more serious.

Fatty liver disease happens because fat builds up around the liver. Although a little fat around your liver is not dangerous the more that builds up around it, the more the danger starts to present itself. It is important to keep in mind that having fat around your liver is not a normal occurrence. As the fat begins to build up around the liver, it starts to become damaged. The liver will become more inflamed the more fat there is around it. This can cause cirrhosis, which is serious scar tissue. When this happens the liver can fail completely which means that the patient will require a liver transplant. You may have heard about this with the cause being too much alcohol.

The liver provides several functions in the body and one of its main roles is to get the right amount of blood sugar pumped into the body. It measures the amount to pump out by the amount and types of food that you eat as well as the amount of exercise that you get. The insulin in your blood is the controlling mechanism that signals the liver to stop the glucose from being pumped after you eat. When your body is not using the insulin correctly in your body the liver does not get the signals that it needs to start and stop pumping. This of course is a contributor to type 2 diabetes and one of the reasons that patients need to take insulin shots.

There is no known treatment that can fully cure fatty liver disease. Although vitamin E seems to work in helping with fatty liver and possibly resolving the issues, it is only a possibility. Of course you can always take steps in preventing both fatty liver disease and diabetes as well. This involves eating a healthy, well balanced diet that is low in calories and low in fat. You should also exercise regularly and if you need to shed a few extra pounds this is also a plus to get rid of them.

It all comes down to taking care of yourself and treating your body as if it were a temple. If you are not sure where to begin speak with your doctor and they will be able to point you in the right direction. By simply changing your eating habits and exercising regularly, you can make all the difference.

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