Diabetes and Checking Your Blood Sugar Level

blood-sugar-monitorFor diabetics it becomes a daily routine to check your blood sugar level to make sure that you are staying just where the doctor says you need to be. The number of times in a day that someone may need to check their levels will vary from person to person. It will depend upon the type of diabetes that you have as well as how bad it is. Once you start taking your readings you may find that you will need to adjust the times that you check it also. Blood sugar levels are affected by many things such as pregnancy, stress, exercise and even something as simple as a cold.

With type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes, the blood sugar levels may need to be checked at least three times daily. It is important that you check your levels both before and after meals to see if certain foods affect them. When a cold invades your body it can also mean that your levels will be off so you may need to check more often during this time period. Exercising will also affect your levels, so check before you work out and after to see if you need to make any adjustments in your routine.

Another important time to check your levels is right before you go to bed. If you are tired or not feeling well, you may think that simply hitting the hay early is the best way to go. However, although this may be a good idea, if your levels are low and you are unaware, you may find that you are taking a ride to the hospital in the middle of the night for hypoglycemia. It is also important that you check your levels before you drive a vehicle or operate any machinery even if you are feeling okay, just to be sure you are within safe margins.

Type 2 diabetics often take oral medication for their diabetes and generally only need to check their levels once a day. This if course will change if you are sick, adjust your routine, such as when you exercise, or if you feel hypoglycemic. You should also check your limit more often if you find that your levels are low so you can keep an eye on things till they become normal once again.

For anyone that has diabetes it is always important to make sure that you carry hard candy or extra insulin with you as a just in case of an emergency. Your doctor will let you know how many times a day you should be checking your levels and what times of the day are going to be best for you. It is important to remember that after meals your blood sugar levels are going to peak around 1 to 2 hours after you eat so this would be the best time for a check. Review everything with your doctor for the best plan of action for you to carry out your testing. 

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