Working Through Depression with Diabetes

Kozzi-man-in-despair-442-X-294Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a hard pill to swallow in the beginning. However, those that are diabetic are at a high risk for the symptoms of depression. It is normal for anyone to feel down in the dumps once in a while, but when the feelings last for days and weeks, it can be the sign of a bigger problem. There are many reasons as to why someone with diabetes can form depression. Knowing the signs and symptoms are important and when you recognize them, you will have a better chance of being able to reverse it quickly to avoid further issues.

Keeping control of your diabetes and being able to manage it is one of the hardest things to do for anyone that is diabetic. The stress can become overwhelming for someone and if you feel as though you are in it alone, it can be even harder. Of course if you are having a hard time keeping your blood sugar levels where they need to be, or if you have other medical conditions as a result of the diabetes, depression can set in rather quickly. It is also important that you have a great relationship with your doctors to help keep the stress level down.

There are many signs of depression that you can watch out for to take caution. These include changes in your eating habits and or sleeping habits, no longer enjoying the things that make you happy, feeling tired more often than not, loss of concentration, feeling as though you just want to end it all with suicide, constant nervousness, feeling sad when you wake up in the morning, and even the feeling of guilt that everything you do is wrong. Although many of these signs can be from other concerns, for someone that is experiencing many of them, it is time to seek the advice of your doctor; especially if they have been present for two weeks or longer.

When depression sets in and you are diabetic, it can affect the way that you take care of yourself. The medications that you take can fall to the wayside and you may stop taking your blood sugar tests. This, of course, can lead to serious medical conditions and even death in some cases. Getting the help that you need is crucial to getting back on track and taking care of yourself. There are many causes of depression and some of them are medical such as a problem with your thyroid, or a side effect from medication that you are taking. It is also possible that you may have signs of depression when, in fact, it can be from your diabetes and something as simple as changes in your medication can make the difference. A trip to the doctor will let you know what to do.

Taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally, when diabetic is important in order to stay healthy and live an active, happy lifestyle. Work with your doctor to avoid depression.

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