Exercising with Type 2 Diabetes

exercising type 2 diabetesThere are many different ways that you can manage your diabetes, and exercising with Type 2 is one of the ways that you can do this. It should be combined with the right diet and proper medication in order to keep everything under control and help you to manage your weight and blood sugar levels as well. You are going to find that the benefits of exercising will not only help you to feel better and give you the energy that you need, but that it also provides you with the healthy benefits that you need to keep your diabetes in line.

Consider the great effects that exercising is going to provide for you. It will help your body to use its insulin better, you will be able to control your weight and lose the few pounds that you may need to lose, it will give you better muscle strength as well as improved bone density and strength, it can increase your blood circulation while reducing heart disease risk, it can help lower your blood pressure, help in reducing the amount of stress in your life and give you more energy. Yes, trying to find the time can sometimes seem difficult, and even getting yourself up off of the couch can be hard, but when you look at the benefits, you see there is no reason not to exercise.

It is important to make sure that you discuss with your doctor the amount of exercise that you should be getting and the type that you should be doing as well. Although the general forum is 30 minutes a day, you will find that too much, or overexerting yourself, can have the opposite effect of what you’re seeking. You may need to adjust your medications in order to keep your blood sugar levels where they need to be. Intense exercise can actually increase your levels and make them too high, which, of course, can send you into a tailspin that you are not expecting.

Strength training is a great form of exercise for those that are diabetic. It is perfect in helping to control blood sugar levels, helps you to gain muscle, lose fat and helps your body to look better, which can help you feel better about yourself and fight off depression.

Aerobic exercise is also a great form for those that are diabetic, as it can help you to maintain your blood sugar levels as well and can release stress. Even walking for 30 minutes a day or taking a swim in the pool is a great way to exercise, lose weight and help you to maintain your diabetes.

If you are new to exercising, it is important to start out slow and work your way up. You should also always wear your ID bracelet no matter if you are going to a gym or working out at home. If something were to happen, you want medical personnel to know how to treat you in case of an emergency. Talk to your doctor to get an exercise plan in motion before you begin.

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