Myths Surrounding Diabetes

Kozzi-question-704-X-738It seems as though from the moment that you are diagnosed with any type of disease you start to hear many so called “facts” about your condition. Being diagnosed with diabetes is no different and it is possible that you are going to hear what some may consider to be “fact” about the disease as well as what you may read on the internet. However, there are facts and there is a lot of fiction when it comes to diabetes. It is important that you are able to distinguish between the two in order to keep your sanity and take care of yourself the right way.

You may have heard that diabetes is contagious. This is not a fact. The only way that you are at risk from the disease is your lifestyle and possibly inheritance. Others may tell you that you are not allowed to eat any type of sweets including chocolate. This is very far from the truth. In fact, something sweet is a part of your diet just as it is for anyone. Many believe that eating too much sugar can cause diabetes. Again, this is a myth. Yes, it can contribute to the diagnosis however it is not the cause of diabetes.

A big myth that you may come across is that you should stick with sugar-free food and snacks as well as eat a special diet. The facts are that you do not need special foods or diet. You simply need to eat healthily in order to maintain. If you tell someone that you have diabetes and they reply that you should not be eating carbs, tell them that is a myth. These are needed in order to have a balanced and healthy diet. You may also be told that you have a greater chance of getting sick than someone without diabetes. If you take care of your health you are no more likely to get sick than the next person.

At one time it was believed that insulin could cause your arteries to harden. This turned out to be a myth and when taken properly it helps you to stay healthy. A big myth is that you should not take your insulin because it can cause weight gain. Yes you can gain weight, however, with proper weight management this can be kept to a minimum and the insulin is needed to keep you healthy so yes, it is definitely worth the risk.

The myth surrounding fruit is something to be considered. If you hear or read that you can eat as much as you want, you need to discuss with your doctor the amounts that you can eat and the types as well. Lastly, keeping an eye on your A1C levels is important, however may not be the only reason that your diabetes plan may need to be changed. It is said that if it is more than 8% it is the only reason to make changes but your doctor may make changes for other reasons as well.

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