Type 1 Diabetes and Chronic Liver Disease

Kozzi-young-scientist-working-in-laboratory-883-X-588There are many different health concerns that those with diabetes have to be concerned about on a daily basis. However, those with type 1 diabetes are especially at risk for chronic liver disease. With the many studies that have been done, it is shown that those with type 2 are also at risk, but not as much. A liver biopsy was done during the study to compare those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as well as those with and without insulin. The results had shown that those with type 1 have a higher risk of the disease and a higher death rate as well.

In the testing that was done, the liver biopsies that were treated with insulin had not only a lower risk of contracting chronic liver disease, but they had a lower death rate as well. However type 1 diabetes patients were found to have a lower occurrence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease during the testing. But, they did show a higher rate of glycogenosis during the testing phase. These tests were done in order to show more significant results when it comes to chronic liver disease.

For someone that has type 1diabetes, of course chronic liver disease is going to be a concern. There are ways that you can protect yourself and your body in order to stay healthy and lower your risk. One way is to maintain a healthy weight. If you need to lose a few pounds, there is no time like the present to make that happen. You also need to make sure that you keep your blood pressure under control as well as your blood sugar levels. Alcohol is also the enemy. There is nothing wrong with having a little once in a while, but you should drink in moderation and only occasionally.

An ultrasound of your liver may be ordered if your doctor’s diagnosis is type 1 diabetes. This will show if you are currently having any problems with your liver or if you are at risk in the immediate future. Along with the many tests that you will need to have done every few months in order to monitor your diabetes, an ultrasound may be something that your doctor will add to the tests to keep an eye on things. If problems begin, you will be able to catch them early to start treatment.

There are many concerns for patients with type 1 diabetes. It is important to maintain a healthy weight, proper eating habits, get exercise, and plenty of sleep. Of course you need to take your medication that the doctor prescribes for you and monitor your blood sugar and glucose levels at the times the doctor tells you to. With regular check-ups and talking with your doctor, you will find that keeping other health conditions at bay is easier than you may think. You will also feel better when you are taking care of yourself the way that you are supposed to. With careful planning, chronic liver disease may pass you by.

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