Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Kozzi-diabetes-mellitus-435-X-298It seems as though from the moment that you are diagnosed with diabetes, your world turns upside down. You may feel like the doctor is bombarding you with more information than your brain can process and once you tell your family, the real fun begins. All of a sudden, everyone wants to know your every move and they may even become the “food police.” They start to do research on the disease for more information and, although they may think that they are helping you, the only thing they are accomplishing is to drive you crazy. This is the time that you need to stay calm and try to direct traffic with your loved ones.

There are many things in your life that are going to change. One of the biggest concerns you may have is to re-train your way of thinking when it comes to food. A proper diet is crucial to keeping your blood sugar levels where they need to be in order to manage the disease. You may find that you are already eating many of the foods that are on a diabetic menu, so there may not be that much of an adjustment. There is no special diet; you just need to watch the amounts of certain foods that you eat.

Becoming educated on diabetes can be a real lifesaver in helping you to live with type 2 diabetes. Everyone is going to have ideas and advice on how you can live better with the disease but, when you get the knowledge first-hand, you will have the power to control your life and the diabetes. Although doctors mean well, they do not have the time to sit down and give you all the details that you should have. A class on diabetes is the perfect way to get every answer to all of your questions.

A problem that many run into is that their insurance does not cover everything they need to take care of themselves. It may suddenly seem as though the cost of taking care of your health just went through the roof and that can cause a lot of stress. Of course, the idea of sticking yourself several times a day to check your blood glucose levels is not very exciting and the fact that you need to get up off the couch and get that much needed exercise is most likely not a thrilling thought either.

Even with all of this going on, living with type 2 diabetes is not the end of the world or your life. It may be difficult to keep that positive attitude, but when you learn how to handle the hard parts it makes the easy parts that much simpler. By taking a class and being with others that are learning how to handle diabetes, you will find that there is support even when you were not looking. Getting as much support as possible will help you to focus on what it really important and not just the negative.

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