Managing Diabetes Insipidus

Kozzi-drugs-addict-activities-and-some-used-tools-440-X-294With diabetes insipidus, as with any type of diabetes, the type of treatment plan that you are going to be required to follow will depend on the diagnosis. If you have been diagnosed with the disease you are going to find that there are many different levels and types of this form of diabetes. It is important to make sure that you go over the specifics with your doctor so you are sure to be able to follow the treatment plan that they have put in place.

One common form of this diabetes is central diabetes insipidus. This is when ADH or anti-diuretic hormones are missing. It is caused by some form of abnormality that is present in the pituitary gland, and is usually treated before the diabetes. The medication that is given is generally desmopressin which is a synthetic hormone. It can be taken in pill form, as an injection or in a nasal spray. You should only drink when you are actually thirsty during the time of taking the medication however, it is possible that you may not need to take the medication and only need to increase the amount of water that you drink.

Another form is nephrogenic insipidus. This is caused when your kidneys do not react to the ADH in your body. For many, a diet that is low in salt may be the solution for this but for others they may need to take a medication called hydrochlorothiazide. It has been known to decrease the amount of urination. This form of diabetes can cause dehydration so it is important that you increase your amount of fluid intake. There is also the possibility that other medications you are currently taking could be the culprit and simply stopping them can help ease the problem. However, before you stop any medications it is important to make sure that you discuss any action with your doctor.

Two other forms are gestational and dipsogenic insipidus. In gestational diabetes insipidus the treatment is generally desmopressin, the synthetic hormone. This type usually occurs in pregnant women, and can disappear once the baby is born. There are cases when this form is caused by a malfunction in the mechanism for thirst and if this is the case the medicine is not prescribed. As regards the form of dipsogenic diabetes insipidus, this is generally caused by some form of mental illness. There is no known treatment for this form but, it is possible that by treating the illness that the insipidus will dissipate.

Each form of diabetes insipidus causes dehydration so it is crucial to drink enough fluids. Your doctor will be able to let you know what you should be drinking each day. This amount can vary depending on the type that you have and the severity. It is also advisable to wear a medical ID bracelet in case of an emergency. If for any reason you are taken to the hospital it is important for the doctor to know if you are taking any medications and what form of diabetes you have.

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