Diabetes and the Threat of Heart Disease

Diabetes and heart diseaseBeing diabetic means that each and every day you are fighting to help your body stay healthy. Your body goes through many changes when you have diabetes and many other medical conditions can lurk around the corner such as heart disease. A sad but true fact is that out of every three people who are diabetic two of them are going to die from a stroke or heart disease. On the bright side, it is possible to manage both your diabetes and heart disease with a few simple changes to your lifestyle once you are diagnosed.

When you are diagnosed with diabetes your doctor should explain to you that your body does not produce enough, or any, insulin or it is possible that it does not use the insulin in your body properly. There are many different sides to heart disease including problems with the cardiovascular system. Coronary Artery disease is the main type and is caused when plaque builds up in the arteries. Over time, the cardiovascular system will slow down and then pieces of the heart muscle will start to fail. Diabetes and heart disease are both connected by the way that you take care of your body.

For someone who is already diabetic you will need to eat a healthy, nutritional diet, manage your weight so that you are not obese and make sure you are getting the right amount of exercise. When you do all of these things you are not only managing your diabetes but you are also preventing heart disease as well. If your doctor has said that you are at risk for heart disease it is even more important that you keep on the diet and regimen that your doctor has planned out for you in order to prevent it.

The foods that you eat play a big role in managing both. If you eat foods that have a lot of fat in them you are risking high cholesterol as they are often high is sugars and starches as well. Bad cholesterol for diabetics means that your body has a harder time getting the insulin that it needs. It also means that plaque is going to build up in the artery walls and lead to heart disease. When you stay active and exercise regularly you will not only be able to manage your diabetes but also cardiovascular and heart disease as well.

Although there are many diseases and medical conditions that are linked to diabetes, many of them can be managed when you eat properly, take your medication and get the exercise that your body needs to stay healthy. You are able to fight a combination of diseases and illness including your diabetes just by focusing on your main condition. It is also important to keep a positive attitude so that you can live healthily and happily. Life becomes much easier when you live your daily life in a happy way and eat the things that you are supposed to. You will feel and look great while keeping diseases away

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