Using a Diabetic Insulin Pump

insulin pumpMany people with diabetes find that an insulin pump is a great way to take their medication. They find that not only is it a convenient and easy way to take their insulin, it is also small enough that they do not need to carry around something that is big and bulky all the time. It is small enough that it can simply hook onto a belt or be put into a pocket. There is a small tube that is put under the skin in the abdomen area which is connected to the pump. The tube (catheter) is very flexible which makes it easy to maneuver.

A pump is the perfect solution for many that need to have insulin delivered into the system on a continuous basis. It is programmed to each individual user according to the amount of insulin that they need to take. Of course it is possible that the patient’s needs may change therefore the dosage needs to be changed as well. This is something that can be easily done by the person wearing the pump in order to keep the medicine flowing properly. There are different ways that the insulin is distributed and this is then adjusted accordingly.

One of the great benefits to using a pump is that users no longer need to worry about measuring the correct amount of insulin into a syringe and injecting themselves. Those that are not fond of needles will really appreciate this. It is especially good for kids that are diabetic and always on the go. Parents will not have to worry about giving their children their shot or hoping that their teenager remembered to take their medicine before they left the house or took some with them just in case.

In between meals and during the night while the patient is sleeping, insulin is delivered into the body in order to keep the blood sugar levels just where they need to be. Of course, if a diabetic knows that they are going to be eating a late meal or are going to be eating certain foods while out for the evening, being able to make the adjustments in the amount of insulin that is delivered to the body is a great benefit. This will prevent feelings of nausea and assist if a diabetic is unable to take their medication in time.

To keep the level of insulin that is being pumped into the body at the right amounts, it is vital to check and monitor the blood sugar levels. This should be done a minimum of 4 times daily to see how the body is reacting to certain foods, especially if you are exercising. By keeping a close eye on your levels, it will help to know when you need to make adjustments to the amount of insulin that is being delivered by the pump. Not only will this keep you healthy, it will provide you the freedom that you want and need with diabetes.

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