What to do When Diagnosed with Diabetes

diagnosed with diabetesWhen you are not feeling well and things just do not seem right, going to your doctor should be the first step. However, if you have blood work done and the results come back as diabetes it may seem scary at first. The first thing that the doctor should do is double check the results and perform the test again to make sure that the results are accurate. If they come back positive again, the next step should be to put together a plan for any medication that you may need to take and answer the questions you may have.

You may find that your doctor will help you to assemble a team for your medical needs. Even though your primary care physician is great for keeping you on track with your medications and checking your blood pressure and glucose levels, you may also want to have a dietician to help guide you with a dietary plan so that you can eat properly. This is the person who will tell you about carbohydrates, fats, sugars and the effect that all foods can and will have on your blood glucose levels. This is vital to keeping things normal.

Your doctor will get you started on the medication that you need to take. There are several different kinds of medications that your doctor may prescribe, but one of the first may be metformin. It is important to get your blood glucose levels back to as close to normal as possible. If you need to take insulin, your doctor will be able to get you started on that as well to get your levels where they need to be. Depending upon your age and gender, as well as your blood test results, your doctor will determine and let you know how much you need to take and how often.

Once you have a meal plan in place and your medication schedule figured out, you will now need to get a plan together for exercise. This step will not only help you to keep your levels where they need to be, but it will help you to keep your weight at a good level as well. Diabetics should get at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. Of course this is not always the easy thing to do, but a simple walk around the neighborhood or cleaning the house can put some pep in your step and get you active.

The most important thing that you can do is to keep a positive attitude. This may seem easier said than done many days, but you will find that managing diabetes can be much easier when you accept the disease and stay positive about it. One should think along the lines that they are going to beat the disease and not let it beat them. You will find that you feel much better and, when you have less stress in your life, your blood pressure stays normal, along with your blood glucose and your attitude.

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