The Benefits of Spinach for Diabetics

spinach for diabetes benefitsThe American Diabetes Association denotes spinach as a super food for the diabetic. Why, you ask? The vegetable is rich in vitamins and minerals that seek to lower one’s glycemic index. This essentially means that the more spinach a diabetic eats the more stable their blood glucose levels will be. Spinach is also exceptionally low in calories. A cup of spinach is noted as containing only 7 calories. Spinach then becomes the optimal food for a diabetic to consume. By incorporating spinach into one’s diet, the diabetic not only takes in the dark leafy green super food, but is better able to manage their blood glucose level. Almost all leafy vegetables that are green in color are low in carbohydrates, spinach included. Spinach contains so few carbohydrates that it makes it a prime choice in a diabetic’s diet. A healthy meal should contain spinach, or some form of a leafy green vegetable. Diabetics are stimulated normally to eat anywhere between 45 to 65 mg of carbohydrates per meal, as noted by the American Diabetes Association. Using this range, the diet of a diabetic then should include at least three servings of a non-starchy vegetable, such as spinach, per day.

Spinach is known as a free food by all intense purposes, meaning one can eat as much as they want without jeopardizing one’s health. So does it matter then what kinds of spinach a diabetic should consume? Plain raw spinach is the best, but others may be more flavorful. Creamed spinach is not usually recommended but it is better than not eating spinach at all for the diabetic. Many people are often concerned about the nutritious value of vegetables such as spinach. A recent food study showed that spinach has antioxidants, as previously thought, and that it is packed full of nutrients known as glycoglycerolipids, which are fat related molecules in the membranes of most plants. A recent study also showed that there is a correlation between cancer, diabetes, and vegetable intake. It seems as though spinach, among other leafy vegetables, showed evidence of protection against those diseases.

Spinach is usually considered to be on the world’s healthiest vegetables because of its dietary fruitfulness. Whether it’s baby spinach or cooked spinach, the health benefits for all individuals, specifically diabetics, is powerful. Researchers have identified more than a dozen flavonoid compounds in spinach that act as anti-inflammatory agents. The properties of spinach are sufficiently impressive as they have slowed down the effects of supplementary complications resulting in diabetics. One particular vitamin that is notable in spinach is vitamin K. Almost 200% of the daily value in one cup of spinach will allow for outstanding bone health in the diabetic. Additionally, bacteria in the digestive system converts vitamin K1 into K2, which is a major protein needed for healthy bones. Spinach is also stated to be an excellent source of calcium and magnesium which aid the diabetic in adequate muscle and nerve functioning. Get a bowl of spinach today as it can help you tremendously

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