The Effects of Diabetes in Men

men with diabetesThe most common form of diabetes that affects men is type 2. This means that their body is either not using the insulin correctly or their pancreas is not making enough of it. Both occurrences will cause the sugar in the system to build up in the blood, which shorts the body on the fuel that it needs. There are many medical issues that can develop from this condition other than just the diabetes itself. These include dehydration, hyperosmolar nonketotic diabetic coma and damage to other parts of the body including the kidneys, eyes and the heart.

Anyone can be at risk for type 2 diabetes; however, there are certain factors that can make the risk higher for others. These include family history, obesity and age. The older we get the more at risk we are for type 2 diabetes. The reason for this is that our body is not able to handle sugar the way that it does when we are younger. Because of this, the blood sugar levels can rise and the elderly may have diabetes without even knowing it at first. Those that have high cholesterol or high blood pressure are also at risk for diabetes.

There is no common cause for type 2 diabetes. There are, however, signs and symptoms of the disease that could alert someone to make a visit to the doctor. These include dry mouth, blurred vision, urinating more often, constantly being thirsty, always feeling hungry even after eating, feeling nauseous or even vomiting, always feeling tired or weak and even infections of the skin that occur often. For someone that is experiencing two or more of these symptoms, it is important to seek the attention of a physician and get tested for diabetes to be on the safe side.

When being tested for diabetes, different types of blood tests are conducted to check the levels of blood sugar and other concerns, as well as testing your urine for ketones or sugar. They may do a plasma glucose test as well. Once all of the necessary tests are done, your doctor will be able to make a diagnosis based on the results in combination with the symptoms that you are having. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and early detection of diabetes means that you can get started on a program right away.

There are many complications that come along with type 2 diabetes and while some may be serious, others can actually be life threatening. Retinopathy, a condition that can cause loss of sight, is something that diabetics need to be aware of. Kidney damage is a condition that all diabetics need to consider and over time and with age the concern becomes greater. It can bring on other concerns such as heart disease, which can lead to death. Nerve damage and poor blood circulation are also concerns and can lead to other medical conditions. Early diagnosis is crucial in order to get on a healthy plan as soon as possible.

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