Monitoring your Blood Sugar

monitoring blood sugarWatching your blood sugar level is important for anyone to do, diabetic or not. When the level drops too low it is possible that you could faint or even go into a coma. However, when you are diabetic and the levels are too high, it is even more important to be vigilant. One of the concerns of high blood sugar is the aging process of the body. High levels of glucose (sugar) can cause damage to the skin and to the heart as well. This of course also means that you need to be aware of the carbohydrates that you are eating as well.

It is highly possible that someone who has diabetes but is monitoring their blood sugar levels may also be carbohydrate intolerant. This affects the aging process but can be improved by lowering the negative effects of eating on blood sugar and also picking up healthy eating habits along with some fiber. The right amount of fiber in the diet helps for better bowel movements and is easily digested.

Of course, exercise is also an important part of keeping your blood sugar levels where they need to be. Not only does it help with carbohydrate intolerance but it also helps you to control your weight. This is a big part of managing your diabetes and staying healthy. For someone that is looking for a supplement that may be able to help, Lipoic acid has been shown to reduce the levels of glucose in the blood. In addition, some adaptogens have been known not only to help with carbohydrate intolerance but have also shown signs of reversing type 2 diabetes in the early stages. Of course, although these are natural herbs, it is still important to speak with your doctor before taking them if you have been diagnosed.

There are also drugs that can be taken in order to lower carbohydrate intolerance however, for someone that does not have diabetes the side effects may not be worth the trade. But someone that has already been diagnosed with diabetes may find that it is worth the risk to take the drugs in order to get things under control. Because any drug medication that you take has possible side effects, it is important to discuss changes in medication with your doctor before you make any final decisions.

Regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with diabetes or not it is important for everyone to monitor their blood sugar levels. When these are too high or too low it can cause medical concerns for everyone. Naturally if you are diabetic you need to be more conscious of the things that you are eating, the medicines that you are taking, how much sleep you manage as well as the amount of exercise that you get. When all of these things are combined, you will find that everything works together, which will improve your overall health. It is important to be mindful and get regular check-ups in order to keep things at the right level.

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