Being Aware of Diabetic Skin Conditions

diabetic skin conditionsWhen it comes to diabetes the entire body is at risk for further medical complications. There are many but one of the most common complaints are skin conditions. Yes, this is a problem that everyone can have, however those with diabetes are at a higher risk than others. Often, patients with diabetes are diagnosed with the disease because of a skin condition that they already have but cannot figure out how to cure or why it keeps coming back. When a simple scratch does not heal quickly it can be a sign of something more serious. Make a prompt visit to the doctor to avoid spreading the problem or causing other medical complications that can arise from a simple scratch.

Common skin conditions which can affect everyone are bacterial and fungal infections as well as severe itching, although those with diabetes are more prone to them. Skin conditions that affect mainly those that are diabetic are diabetic blisters, eruptive xanthomatosis (a possible indicator of high cholesterol), diabetic dermopathy (skin lesions) and necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum (an inflammatory disorder). Understanding what each of these are and knowing the symptoms to look out for will give someone with diabetes a heads up so that they can get treated right away. The important thing is to take care of the skin and pay attention to any changes.

There are also several different types of bacterial infections to which diabetics are prone. These include boils, styes which is a condition of the eye, nail infections, folliculitis which is a hair follicle infection and carbuncles, a deep infection that affects the tissues under the skin. Of course a bacterial infection is no fun for anyone but for those with diabetes it can become a much deeper and more serious problem. Yes, there are medications that diabetic patients can take in order to cure these infection but the healing can still be quite painful. Swollen tissues that become hot and red are uncomfortable and distracting. A visit to the doctor as soon as possible will bring relief and prevent long lasting damage.

Fungal infections often show up as a yeast infection or as a rash that itches with blisters in other moist places as well. These could include between your toes and or fingers, around the groin, the armpit, around your nails, under breasts or even underneath foreskin. If you have heard of jock itch, ringworm or even athlete’s foot then you have heard of a fungal infection. A simple prescription from the doctor is the cure. Of course itchy skin is something that we all tend to have from time to time. But localized itching is common is those with diabetes. Try limiting the amount of showers that you take and use a moisturizer or lotion after your shower.

Other skin conditions that are limited to diabetic patients can be more severe. Many of them are painful and can cause blisters, scarring and even change the texture of the skin. It is vital for patients with diabetes to seek the help of their doctor right away to avoid further complications.

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