Can Diabetics Eat Cupcakes?

diabetics cupcakesHistory notes that cupcakes date at least as far as 1796. Amelia Simmons wrote a recipe for a cake to be baked in small cups in the American Cookery. The earliest citation of the word cupcake was noted in 1828, however. In the beginning of the 1800’s, there were a couple different usages for the name cupcake. A standard cupcake consists of the ingredients that are standard in cakes such as butter, eggs, flour, and sugar. Most recipes also include some type of flavoring or ingredient such as fruit or vegetables such as carrots. Cupcakes are also topped with frosting and other cake decorations. Cupcakes can be filled with frosting or pastry cream. Cupcakes have become extremely popular over the years and even become a national industry. As an alternative for diabetics, cupcakes can be made with different ingredients so the diabetic can also enjoy the sweet treat.

Diabetics are always looking for a tasty cupcake recipe that they can eat without elevating their sugar levels. The idea therefore of enjoying a little sugar isn’t really difficult or a hard pill to swallow. A new day has emerged for1 those with diabetes and is in essence filled with many sweet confection possibilities. Doctors generally note that sugar can wreak significant havoc on the body in general, but more so for the diabetic. Research studies have been performed however that has stated that sugar has the same effect on the body as carbohydrates because the body breaks down sugar from the carbohydrates a diabetic consumes. This means that the diabetic can indeed eat sugary items such as cupcakes because the body views them the same way as, for example, a piece of bread. Since the sweet rules have relaxed for diabetics, magazines and journals associated with diabetics’ nutrition and health have released a plethora of recipes for the diabetic to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. Cupcakes, then, have a great benefit for the diabetic because they typically use alternative sugars that are anywhere between 200 to 600 times sweeter than regular sugar. This allows for a pivotal benefit to the diabetic because by using less sugar, they can consume more calories in their meal regimens, and foods such as cupcakes can be made with substitutions can be served in large quantities.

Due to the recipes that are emerging regarding cupcakes, diabetics have many options in creating their perfect dessert. Wellness is an essential factor in enjoying any of life’s pleasures. Diabetes is considered to be one of the most life changing diseases out there and people that suffer from the disease deserve a cupcake every now and then. It is imperative for those that have the disease to comprehend that just because an item is noted as sugar free does not mean that it will not elevate their blood sugar level. The preeminent thing to do is to try and make a diabetic cupcake recipe at home rather than purchasing something diabetic oriented from a store or cupcake shop. If a diabetic is not a cook necessarily, understanding how the cupcake they are going to eat was made is important. All things in moderation, essentially. This is a good idea for the diabetic to keep in mind in their self-management routines.

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