Diabetes and MS are Linked

MS and DiabetesIn recent studies that it has been shown that type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis are linked more closely than anyone previously knew. It has also been shown that cow milk protein is a risk factor that contributes to both diseases. For someone that is allergic or genetically susceptible to either of these diseases, cow milk protein will simply enhance the risks for that person. Both MS and diabetes are autoimmune disorders and although they may be different diseases, they both cause the immune system in the body to rage a war on its very own tissue.

During the study, it was seen that type 1 or juvenile diabetes and multiple sclerosis are so close that when each culture is in a test tube there will be trouble trying to tell which is which. It was also found that although each disease was thought to be specific to a particular organ in the body (diabetes to the pancreas and MS to the central nervous system) it turns out that both diseases go after each type of tissue. In each disease it may take years before the symptoms start to show themselves however, for those that are high risk or show pre-diabetes, suitable treatments can be started.

With new factors showing that each disease not only targets its own tissues and organs of the body but others as well, it can be seen why many of the signs and symptoms of both diseases are so similar. Managing each will require a special type of diet, medication and exercise, and they can both contribute to other medical conditions that also seem to be relevant to both diseases. Researchers will be looking at those with MS for early signs to see how they match up with the early signs of diabetes.

As stated earlier, a risk factor for both MS and diabetes is cow milk protein. Originally this was thought to be a factor for type 1 or juvenile diabetes development. In trying to find the connections between the two diseases, the protein was also shown to be a risk for the development of MS. Researchers are trying to determine whether, if changes were made in the diet of those that may be at risk, it would be possible to prevent the onslaught of diabetes and/or MS. This has yet to be conclusively discovered as further research is still being carried out.

Because of the similarities that have been found between the two diseases, new types of research have opened up for doctors. With diabetes and MS being so closely linked together it may be possible that certain medications can work for both diseases in not only the prevention but in the management of them as well. Although deeper studies will need to be done in order to find proof, the possibilities are endless in the way of cure, management and prevention. Naturally it will take years to make any discoveries but with new research on the horizon it gives sufferers hope.

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