Getting the Right Nutrition with Type 1 Diabetes

nutrition diabetesOne of the biggest obstacles for those diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is changing their eating habits in order to get the right nutrition. Good eating habits are vital to managing diabetes to keep it under control as well as stay healthy. It is also important in order to stay at a healthy weight. For many, this means that you need to take a good look at how you see food and the way that you eat. It also means that a new change will need to be made in the way that they eat and the type of foods that they eat as well.

When you start to change the way that you see food, you will find that it can be easier to change the way that you eat. Another advantage of the right nutrition is keeping your blood sugar under control. When you over indulge in foods that contain a lot of sugar, you will find that they can affect your sugar level which, in turn, can make you sick. As you start to become more in control of the foods that you eat and crave, it becomes easier to get the nutrition that you need.

We hear every day that we should look at the labels on the foods that we purchase. But when you have type 1 diabetes, this process becomes important for many reasons – including watching the amount of calories that you are consuming. As you start to become more comfortable with the ingredients of the foods that you eat, you will be able to be more mindful of the portion sizes that you have and be able to decide if you should include it in your daily intake.

Of course when it comes to children, it can be difficult enough to get them to eat healthy; but when it comes to snacking, it can be a real challenge to find snacks that they will eat. Starting them out young with healthy snacks is always a benefit, but when they are diagnosed and food patterns have already been set, you may find that changing things is a great hardship. However, it can be done with a little perseverance. It is important to keep in mind that although they need to eat healthy for proper weight and blood sugar level, they can still “cheat” once in a while so they do not feel as though they are missing out.

When you are armed with the right information, such as foods that are low-glycemic and sugar- free, it becomes easier and easier to go to the store and buy the foods that you and your family should be eating. Of course it can be a real challenge for the rest of the family, but with the thousands of recipes available for diabetics, you are going to be eating healthier as well as your family. They may not be thrilled about it in the beginning, but in the end, they may thank you for getting them, and yourself, on the healthy track.

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