Managing Diabetes with Pancreatic Cancer

diabetes and cancerNews of being diagnosed with any disease is hard for anyone but when you are faced with something that is life threatening it is a bigger pill to swallow. For someone who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this can be a difficult time. However, this is always the possibility of other diseases and complications that can be associated with it.

Diabetes is one of those concerns, so it should be tested for at the time of diagnosis for pancreatic cancer. This will help doctors to formulate a treatment plan that is best for the patient. If diabetes is also diagnosed for the patient, the doctor will start to take many other things into consideration in order to provide the proper treatment. The physician will need to know exactly where the blood glucose levels are in the patient in order to determine their glycemic state to start a medication plan.

There are different types of medications for the diabetes depending on the state of hepatic and renal situations, which will be a deciding factor. Either oral hypoglycemic medications will be used or either metformin or sulfonlyureas will be substituted if necessary due to intolerance or ineffectiveness of the others.

Many symptoms of pancreatic cancer can have a serious effect on the glycemic levels when the patient is diabetic. These include anorexia, nausea and even diarrhea. When these symptoms begin, it is important for adjustments to be made in the diabetic medication in order for the patient to avoid hypoglycemia. Medications that the patient may be taking for the pancreatic cancer can also have adverse effects on the diabetic medications as well. It is of course important to be able to treat the cancer but at the same time if the diabetes is not kept under control the patient could be looking at many other medical concerns later on down the road.

Another cause of hypoglycemia in diabetic and pancreatic cancer patients is chemotherapy. Even those that have not been diagnosed as diabetic at the time of diagnosis of pancreatic cancer still need to have their glucose monitored closely. During the course of chemotherapy treatment it is very possible that the medication which is taken for the diabetes may need to be adjusted several times throughout the course of the treatment. It also means that the patient will need to test their levels more often in order to monitor them and make sure that they are not going to risk diabetic shock.

In treating diabetes and pancreatic cancer together, the focus is on controlling the glycemic index and oncologic control as well. The doctors are going to take many other things into consideration too, including age, gender, risks and the amount of motivation that the patient has. Yes, a positive attitude is crucial although hard. However, in order to preserve the quality of life, the doctors must also know the best way to fight the battle for each individual. Your physician can not fight the disease on their own and do need your help to make it work.

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