Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction in Men

diabetes erectile dysfunctionThere are many obstacles that one must face when they have diabetes and for men, erectile dysfunction is just one issue that is a concern. Although men without the disease are still at risk for this medical concern, those with diabetes tend to develop it up to 15 years sooner than a male that is not diabetic. The chance of erectile dysfunction in men over 50 with diabetes can be up to 60 percent, and for those over 70, it can increase to 90 percent. With the odds against you, knowing how to prevent or treat it is something that you, and all men, should have a good understanding of.

Diabetes plays a role in erectile dysfunction in different ways. Because it does damage to all parts of your body, it is important to understand that it also affects the nerves and blood vessels throughout the entire body, including the sex organs. So even if a man has the drive and the desire to have sex, he may not be able to get an erection due to the damage caused to the nerves and blood vessels by the diabetes. This, of course, can be very frustrating to someone that feels all of the desire but is not able to perform the action of sexual intercourse.

Of course, there are avenues that a man with diabetes can take in order to counteract the damage that has caused the erectile dysfunction. For someone that is healthy, they are generally prescribed medication such as Viagra, Cialis or even Levitra. However, for someone with diabetes, these medications can pose a much higher risk if taken. One of the concerns is the fact that these medications are not good for someone with a heart condition. No matter if you are diabetic or not, it can affect your medications for your heart and cause even bigger problems.

It is also important to take into consideration the medications that you are taking for your diabetes as well. Speaking with your doctor can help to make an informed decision before doing something rash. Your doctor may also recommend that you seek the advice of a urologist to see if they have a treatment that will work for you. There are options other than drugs that someone can consider, such as sex therapy, intracavernous injection therapy, and even equipment such as vacuum constriction. With other options to consider, there is hope at the end of the rainbow.

Doing a little research is always important so you can discuss your situation with your doctor and ask the right questions. You want to know if the treatment plan you are going to be on is going to have an effect on your diabetes treatments, and what you should do to better monitor your blood glucose levels and your insulin. It is possible that you may need to make a few adjustments for everything to work together without causing unintended problems. With the right information, you and your partner will be snuggling in no time.

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