Cognitive Decline May be Faster for Diabetics

cognitive decline diabetesDiabetes is the cause of many major health concerns, and, for older patients, there are even more dangers lurking around the corner. Cognitive impairment is unfortunate for the older generation but for those with diabetes it has been found that it could be on a downward spiral with the speed of light. There have been many different tests and studies done on diabetic patients and on those that are susceptible to diabetes to understand the rising health conce

During a period of nine years, a study was performed with two different tests in order to better understand the decline of cognitive. There were comparisons made on those that had diabetes and those that did not. Many factors were taken into consideration such as age, dementia and of course the level of diabetes if it were present. It was found that the older patients had a significant cognitive decline as opposed to the younger patients and those that have diabetes had a higher percentage of loss. The presence of glucose control was also looked at as well to see the effects on the decline.rns that are associated with the disease.

As the tests were done and the results started coming in, it was found that factors such as age, sex, sex, race or the education of the participants has no effect on the results at all. During the testing period, those that did not have diabetes at the start of the program and later developed the disease were found to have a faster decline in cognitive as well. It comes down to the fact that diabetes has a profound impact on the cognitive decline in patients and the elderly are effected the most.

Of course, the prevention of diabetes is a major benefit to many health concerns but if it can be prevented or even delayed, it is possible that cognitive decline can be delayed or possibly prevented. Many of the health issues that come along with diabetes such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and renal disease are also associated with cognitive decreasing as well.

Researchers are doing further testing to determine whether or not the prevention of diabetes can help to prevent cognitive decline altogether or at least prolong it on a slower pace. Treatments are analyzed and studied to find a means prevent diabetes and cognitive failure altogether. With the health dangers of diabetes, the older patients are of course watched closely and many researchers feel that if diabetes can be prevented from the very beginning that the fear of cognitive failure can be a thing of the past.

The bottom line is that if we can find a way to prevent the disease of diabetes we can take a new step in the medical world when it comes to cognitive impairment. If we could find a way for prevention to work, the older generation may be able to have a better understanding of the world around them and be able to enjoy life’s little moments no matter how old they are.

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