A Special Diabetic Alert Dog Saves 3 Year Old’s Life

dog saves girls lifeDiabetes is a disease that is hard enough to control when you are an adult but when you are a child, it can seem life threatening every day. A brave young girl by the name of Faith Wilson in Texas fights this on a constant basis. Unlike so many that fight diabetes and type 2 diabetes, Faith actually suffers from a form of infant diabetes that is extremely rare. With the type of rare diabetes that she has, her organs fail to operate the way that they should which has her on a life support system 24 hours a day. Of course, this can leave the parents anxious and worried on a constant basis and that is exactly how Faith’s mom Sarah was living till they purchased Ruby.

Ruby is a specially trained dog that looks out for Faith and her condition. She is with her every waking moment of every day and sleeps with her at night. Ruby is trained to smell when her metabolism changes due to a drop in low blood sugar. By catching this in time, it keeps Faith from falling into a seizure. Ruby is a specially trained dog for diabetes. Her sense of smell is keen to the needs of Faith to know when her blood sugar goes low. She comes from Wildrose Kennel in Mississippi where British labs are trained to smell it when it goes beneath 100.

Thanks to Ruby, her mom can sleep better at night and so can Faith. There have been multiple occasions when Faith’s life had been in danger due to her blood sugar level dropping. With Ruby by her side to smell the danger, she was able to alert her parents and wake Faith before she had a seizure. According to Sarah, Faith’s mom, there quality of life in their home has improved since Ruby has come along. She doesn’t know how they would make it without her. Ruby has saved her life on countless occasions.

Science is an amazing thing and each day we discover something new. We have heard of service dogs for many different disabilities but knowing that you can have a service dog for diabetes takes it to a completely new level. With the benefit of a trained dog, you will find that even you do not know your are in any type of danger, your prized pooch will be there to know and what to look out for. If your body is trying to tell you something, your dog is going to know it before you. These specially trained canines are there for people such as Faith to help keep them safe and out of harm way. Although diabetes is a threatening disease for anyone, for a child it can be a stressful situation for him or her and for the parents.

Knowing that Ruby is around makes life a little easier for everyone in the home and brings peace of mind to the parents. Dogs such as Ruby are guardian angels for those that need them the most.


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