Foods That Are High in Fat Could Affect Your Diabetes

fat affects diabetesThere has been recent research that states that foods that are high in fat can have a huge impact on those who are suffering from diabetes. It is well known that foods that are high in fat lead to weight issues such as obesity. Obesity is known to be directly linked with causing diabetes. Researchers have discovered that a specific protein called Bcl 10 is found in foods that are high in fat. This protein is stored in the fat of the body can cause seriously high blood glucose levels.  High blood glucose levels can cause nerve damage through various parts of the body.

Information about Diabetes

Insulin is produced by the pancreas. It is in charge of regulating blood glucose levels. There are two types of diabetes. One type is where the patient is resistant to insulin and the other type is where the patient is intolerant to glucose. Metabolic syndrome is often caused by diabetes as well. The number of patients who are diagnosed with these conditions is one the rise. Obesity rates are also on the rise. Changes to the diet for as little as a few days can have an effect on blood glucose levels and the body’s resistance to insulin.

A Specific Protein May Be Helpful in Treating Diabetes

The protein that researchers are concentrating on also includes a critical role in reducing the amount of inflammation in the body. Research concerning this protein has taken place on mice. Scientists are excited as to what the future of this protein will hold. It has many possibilities to providing answers concerning diabetes as well as many other healing properties. More research needs to be conducted to find solid evidence as to what exactly this protein can be used for.

Information about the Research Currently Being Conducted

Mice in the study that were deficient in the Bcl 10 protein showed improved blood glucose levels once they started receiving the protein.  Doctors are hopeful about what the new research will bring so they can better treat their patients who are currently suffering from diabetes. More advances are made in the medical field each and every day. You may be surprised by what the future of diabetes treatments may hold.  The Bcl 10 protein has also been linked to provide the liver benefits. It also helps lowers the amount of diacylglycerides in the body, which can reduce the risk of certain cancers, vascular diseases, and metabolic diseases.

Managing Your Blood Glucose Levels

You can manage your blood glucose levels by watching the amount of glucose that is in the foods that you consume. You can also exercise on a regular basis to ensure more control over your blood glucose levels.  You should also check your blood glucose levels at least six times a day. Checking your blood glucose levels often can help you manage your diabetes and improve your quality of life. Following a simple routine and avoiding foods that have high fat content will help you experience less sick days due to your diabetes.

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