Research States Fruits and Vegetables Could Help Diabetics

fruits and vegetables diabetesThere is new research that states that people who consume the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables are less likely to develop diabetes. Diabetes is a serious condition that affects the body’s ability to process insulin. High and low levels of blood sugar are a major problem with both type one and type two diabetes. Obesity and old age are two of the major contributing factors to the development of diabetes.  There has been research that has recently been released that believes that people who are at a high risk for diabetes can lower that risk by consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Information about the Study

The study consisted of almost four thousand people from Great Britain. The people who consumed a recommended weeks’ worth of vegetables and fruits during a seven day period found themselves to have a lowered risk of diabetes. People who ate a wide range of fruits and vegetables, regardless of how much they consumed, also were found to have a lowered risk of diabetes.

Eating Healthy Can Help Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

This recent research shows that the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that you consumed does not necessarily matter as much as the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that you eat. The next time that you take a trip to your local grocery store you should be well aware of the colors of the fruits and vegetables that you throw in your cart. Try to mix and match every color of the rainbow when you are picking out fruits and vegetables. Get plenty of leafy greens, but do not be afraid to add orange tomatoes or yellow peppers to your basket.

Go Wild in the Grocery Store

These fresh fruits and vegetables could be just the thing that you have to thank for a lowered risk of diabetes. Fruits and vegetables that range in color can help provide your brain with the levels of oxygen that it needs to function properly. Eating a range of colored vegetables has also been proven to help reduce the risk for strokes and blood clots. You should not hesitate to add fresh fruits to your diet. There are a number of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from. Try to choose a fruit or a vegetable from every color of the rainbow. You never know which combination could prove to be the most effective for you.

More Research Needs to be Conducted to Learn More

Scientists are still not sure what the correlation between fruits and vegetables and diabetes. More research needs to be conducted to learn more. Until more research is conducted, patients who suffer from diabetes should speak with their doctor about what diet is right for them. Whenever you are a diabetic and are considering making serious changes to your diet, you should always be sure to consult a physician. Try to vary the colors of the fruits and vegetables you consume to provide your body with the most health benefits.

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