Diabetes and the Healing Aspects of Energy Therapies

diabetes and healing therapyEnergy is something that is all around us. Nothing exists in this world without energy. Diabetics often are encouraged to use multiple therapies on many levels to ensure they are reaching their goals in managing, or in some cases, reversing the effects of diabetes. Energy medicine for diabetes may be beneficial, given that the body is composed of energy fields that can be influenced and manipulated. Energy medicine is considered to be any form of interpersonal or non-pharmacological intervention that brings changes in the energy circulating within the body.

Energy therapies include: acupuncture, which involves the insertion of needles into energy meridians within the body’s energetic field; qigong, which is a form of breathing to achieve mental and energetic balance; Reiki, a relaxation technique using symbols and the laying on of hands to influence the energetic flow; and Therapeutic Touch, also known as TT, where energy is balanced through the use of hands. Energy therapies can range from heat and cold to circulation processes in order to achieve wellbeing within the body. Energy medicine researchers and practitioners of this type of medicine view disease as a disruption of flow within the body’s energetic apparatus, and seek to realign the disconnections and blockages that have occurred. Calling the body’s energy Qi, or life force, is what energy therapists work through in effectively treating diseases such as diabetes. There are 12 major meridians that connect the body’s life force, and these 12 meridians are energy points on the body that affect organs and systems within the individual.

The term chakra is often used by holistic practitioners, and they are the energy stations that the meridians flow through. There are seven chakras: the root, which governs the base of the spine; the sacral, over the genital area; the solar plexus, which sits above the stomach; the third eye, or intuitive point near the forehead; the heart chakra; the throat chakra and the crown chakra at the top of the head. In illustrations in clinics that offer energy therapies for diseases such as diabetes, these chakras are represented by colors. In addition to the aforementioned energy therapies, some practitioners may also use massage therapy as well in order to gauge the body’s responses to the movement of energy and bring it back into alignment and harmony.

So, can energy therapies help diabetes patients? There is reason to believe, based on many studies and evidence, that there is potential in energy medicine. Other therapies such as color and light therapy have also shown promise in allowing the body to return to its natural state by correcting the effects of diabetes and other ailments that are caused by energetic interruptions. There are many ways to find energy practitioners and therapists in your area, such as by word of mouth, or by searching on the internet. Many energetic therapists offer a wide range of treatment options for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. There are few known side effects of energy therapy, and given the strong research regarding the subject pertaining to diabetes, the benefits outweigh the risks. As with all therapy, caution is always recommended and research is required on behalf of the individual suffering from diabetes.

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