Laugh Away Your Diabetes with Laughter Yoga

laughter yoga diabetesWelcome to yoga. A physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discipline from India that promotes mediation to gain insight into one’s wellbeing, yoga is a philosophical ideal with applications that range from improving health to attaining spiritual balance. Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, and more than 11 million people in the United States move their body in many different styles and ways in order to seek the benefit from the discipline. Most yoga practices focus intently on physical poses, known as asanas, which combine meditation, breathing and stretching. Each asana promotes balance, flexibility and strength of the body. When embarking on the yoga journey, there are so many facets of the exercise to choose from that an individual can be overwhelmed. From Shakti to bhoga to bala yoga to sun salutation to laughter yoga, the energetic rewards await all that seek out the enduring exercise.

One particular type of yoga, laughter yoga, has recently become a movement among yoga practitioners who are seeking to aid individuals suffering from diseases such as diabetes. Laughter is medicine, and research on laughter has depicted it as decreasing cortisol, boosting endorphins and increasing immunoglobulin, which is a vital part of the immune system within the scope of diabetes. Laughter has also increased wellbeing and promoted ease of stress and a peaceful attitude. The mastermind behind laughter yoga is Dr. Madan Kataria, who sought to combine the dispelling aspects of laughter with the sweat drenching and spiritual movements of yoga. Laughter yoga has developed into a phenomenon enjoyed by all yoga individuals, not just those with diabetes. The theory behind laughter yoga is to laugh at the effects of the disease, while twisting your body into pretzel shapes and all manner of stretching movements in order to cleanse the mind, body and spirit of the rollercoaster ride that is diabetes. Since anyone can laugh even without jokes or comedy, Dr. Kataria noted that with this form of yoga there is no difference between fake and real laughter, thus the individual performing laughter yoga does not have to be in the presence of humor for it to work.

Laughter yoga has gained worldwide coverage in magazines, newspapers and on television as Dr. Kataria has helped many people, including diabetics, with his brand of yoga. The profound and revolutionary workout has shown many physiological and psychological benefits to diabetics through the life changing effects that it promotes. Perhaps the most prolific undercurrent of laughter yoga is its transformative properties and energetic undertones where the amount of medical problems overcome or reduced is unprecedented. Clinical research conducted has proven that laughter yoga indeed fosters a positive attitude in diabetics and allows one to laugh away their problems. With laughter yoga, the diabetic is less likely to mull over their problems and instead find peace with their malady and transform their thought processes, while getting an intense workout through the vigorous asanas. In addition to treating diabetics, laughter yoga has shown effectiveness in the physically and mentally challenged, and also with cancer patients, seniors, and in children.


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