Genetic Disruption of Insulin Pathway May Link Diabetes and Alzheimer’s

Kozzi-dna-strand-illustration-441-X-294Many associate Alzheimer’s with simply getting old, but what many do not know is it is also linked with diabetes. Researchers have discovered a gene that is linked to Alzheimer’s also blocks the pathway for insulin, which of course is a diabetes risk. Many of the prior studies that have been done on Alzheimer’s have been after a person has passed away. This specific gene has been found during those examinations of patients where it is family related. Scientist and researchers felt that this gene may link diabetes and Alzheimer’s so the research began to find out of the two were connected in any way.

With a protein called APL-1 developed by scientists and researchers, an in depth investigation began. This was to mimic the APP gene or amyloid precursor protein gene that is found in Alzheimer’s patients. They used a worm that matched humans to determine if there was a connection and one was found. It actually blocked the insulin pathway and when it was removed from the equation, the animal would die.s and researchers felt that this gene may link diabetes and Alzheimer’s so the research began to find out of the two were connected in any way.

There are deep hopes that this new discovery will be able to link Alzheimer’s and diabetes diseases together. If it is found that this gene, even if it only has the significance of one of the diseases, that it may be able to help researchers and scientists find a cure for both if not at least one.

It has long since been a road well-traveled by doctors and researchers to find a cure for Alzheimer’s and diabetes. They know that, although diabetes may be a family trait, it is also brought on by many different causes. Insulin resistance and many other medical conditions are causes for the disease but if a person were to take care of himself or herself, they may be able to lower their chances of bringing on the disease.

A healthy diet and exercise are yes, things that your friends, family and your doctor preach to you about every day. However, what many do not seem to understand is that many diseases are linked together in one form or another and by preventing one, they may be able to prevent another.

This is the same for Alzheimer’s and diabetes. With the newfound information of the gene that may be blocking the insulin pathway, it is possible that if researchers can find away around this they will be able to have a cure for both diseases in one simple method.

For those that have already been diagnosed with diabetes, this may be a hopeful sign that they can possibly prevent Alzheimer’s from being a part of their future. Although a diagnosis or treatment is years down the road, it seems that there is hope on the horizon and a light at the end of the tunnel for many.

Even though the findings are not definite at this time, scientists, researchers and biologists such as Dr. Chris Li are hopeful that this new information will help future patients with these diseases and to have a better understanding.

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