Beta Cell Imaging: Full of Possibilities

beta cell imaging diabetesThere has been recent researched released from the University of Geneva Medical School and Vanderbilt University that states that beta cells imaging could help diagnose diabetes earlier so that people can live longer and healthier lives. This imaging protocol seeks out molecules that specifically light up beta cells. Beta cells are responsible for responding to blood sugar spikes.  Being able to spot these cells would make preventing diabetes even easier. Preventing diabetes is simple. Patients need to live healthier lives and avoid consuming high amounts of sugar. Patients also need to exercise on a regular basis. Research has already proven that there is a direct link between obesity and diabetes.

The Importance of Managing Blood Sugar Levels for Your Future Health

Diabetes is a serious condition in which blood sugar levels can become unmanageable. The body is either resistant to blood sugar levels or unable to control glucose levels in the blood. Beta cell imaging has shown to help diagnose diabetes earlier so that patients can reap all of the benefits that early detection has to offer. If diabetes is detected earlier it will cause less damage to the body because patients will be more aware of their blood sugar levels. Diabetes can cause serious complications due to unmanaged blood sugar levels. Extremely high blood sugar levels can cause nerve damage while extremely low blood sugar levels can lead to coma. Research related to beta cells could possibly lead to other improvements in diabetes and other serious health conditions.

Improving the Quality of Life of Diabetics Right Now

Patients will have more control over the quality of the life that they lead. There is research being conducted to figure out if beta cells can be increased, but so far there is not any way to test the theory. Researchers have developed a compound that will make beta cell imaging even more enhanced so that diabetes can be detected sooner in patients who have a high risk of the disease. All doctors agree that prevention is the best medicine when it comes to diabetes. Managing blood sugar levels can control the amount of nerve damage and other serious complications that are related to diabetes.  Decrease the amount of sick days that you have in your look by choosing a diet and sticking with it. Talk to your doctor about what diet and exercise routine is best for you.  You may be surprised by what a routine diet and exercise program can do for you.

More Research Needs to Be Conducted

Researchers are also hopeful that enhanced beta cell imaging will allow advances to be made with other serious conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.  Beta cell imaging is a fairly new development that desperately needs improvement. Beta cells are very important in regulating insulin levels in the body. Doctors are also hopeful that research can be conducted concerning beta cell imaging will also provide answers concerning disease like Alzheimer’s. All of these conditions are very serious and can greatly decrease the quality of life of the people who suffer from them.

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