A Diabetic’s Visit to the Dentist is Different

dentist diabetesWhen it comes to the dentist, there is no one that wakes up and says that they cannot wait to get there and sit in the chair. But when you are diabetic, the visit to the dentist becomes even more vital for you than the average person. For someone that has diabetes, there is a higher risk when it comes to oral disease, which means that you have to be extra cautious on how you care for your mouth. Periodontitis is very common in patients with diabetes. It is a disease that affects your gums, teeth and the tissues that surround your teeth.

Although you may not care what periodontal disease is, you may care about what it can do. Your gums can bleed and swell, become red, your teeth can become loose, pus forms in your mouth and your gums can even change shape. Gingivitis is the first step and sign that you may be on your way to something that is much worse. Of course, anyone is susceptible, but those with diabetes are much more susceptible. This is due to the excessive amount of sugar that is in the mouth, which is already a breeding ground for germs and other aggressive bacteria.

The mouth staying moist with saliva is normal, but also a big problem with patients that have diabetes. The disease can reduce the amount of saliva that is produced, which causes dry mouth and bad breath. Also, the gums and teeth do not get cleaned the natural way that they should. This could be an important sign that you need to visit with your dentist and find out what you can do in order to get it under control. There are products that you can purchase which will help you to produce saliva in your mouth and keep things clean.

Being diabetic means that you should make a visit to the dentist at least twice a year. If you are having problems, you may want to make a point of going more often. Making your dentist aware that you have been diagnosed with diabetes will help them to treat you properly and to make the recommendations that are needed to help you keep your mouth healthy and happy. It is important to stay on top of things and take preventative measures, as opposed to waiting until there is a problem that may not be able to be easily remedied.

If you have dentures, you will find that keeping an eye on your gums will become even more important than before. Your gums will need to be checked to make sure that there is no change so that your dentures fit properly at all times and that they are not becoming sensitive. If your teeth are becoming a problem because of disease, your dentist may recommend dentures to you in order to keep a healthy mouth. By taking simple precautions and listening to your dentist, you will find that you can keep a happy and healthy mouth.

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