Enjoy a Glass of White Wine and Receive the Benefits

White WineStudies have shown that polyphenols, which are present in red wine, can prevent type 2 diabetes by promoting regulation of blood glucose levels in the body and regulating the metabolic processes of fat. White wine, in a similar vein as red wine, contains polyphenols, but the amount is not as substantial. All forms of alcohol are broken down into sugar once they are processed by the human body. Before drinking any wine, including white wine, it is essential that a diabetic check their blood sugar levels to ensure that they do not spike once the white wine is consumed. Checking in with your doctor is also suggested before adding white wine to your palate.

Wine contains a key treasure in benefiting the body, known as ligands, which affect the PPARγ, or peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor in the body. Ligands are very similar to the type 2 diabetes drug known as rosiglitazone, which is given to type 2 diabetics as it increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin and controls the levels of glucose within the blood. This type of drug is not prescribed to type 1 diabetics because their bodies do not produce insulin so there is no insulin to regulate.

Alcohol consumption of any kind should be undertaken with temperance for any diabetic individual in order to maintain the necessary weight that many diabetics need to sustain. Both red and white wines are processed by the liver, as the liver secretes glucose into the blood. The liver will not secrete any additional glucose into the bloodstream until the wine is processed completely.

Red wines contain the most ligands when compared to white. Red wines vary in their content of ligands, while white wines tend to have less than .1 gram per liter in their overall content. Research has shown that a glass of wine daily may keep type 2 diabetes at bay, be it red or white. Red wine is typically recommended for its ligand properties, however white wine suffices.

The antioxidants present in white wine are not up to par with those of red wine, but they can help relieve the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. One can sip and enjoy the grape flavors of a glass of red wine, while 12 glasses of scrumptious white wine have to be consumed in order to gain the equivalent benefit of the healing properties. Drinking wine of any color, whether it is red or white, can potentially cause low blood sugar, so it is important to drink in moderation. Physicians often recommend drinking wine with a meal and including the calories associated with the alcoholic beverage in your caloric count.

There is reason to believe, given new research, that white wine is just as potent as red wine in the polyphenol department. Researchers at the University of Montpellier in France tested Chardonnay and found that it contains just as many antioxidants as red wines. Researchers noted that polyphenols are contained within grapes of all kinds and incorporating wine into the diet has benefits to those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

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