Foot Problems in Diabetics Can Be Reduced With Proper Care

foot care diabetesRecent research has shown that diabetics who take good care of their foot are less likely to be at risk for amputation or infection. Lowering the risk of infection in your feet when you have diabetes is vital. There are many different causes of infections in the feet. Diabetes can make these infections worse. High blood sugar levels are known to cause serious nerve damage in the extremities. This nerve damage is one of the reasons that diabetics are so susceptible for amputations. Gangrene is one of the most common infections that diabetics experience in their feet. This condition can also lead to amputation. It can become very serious and lead to death if not treated properly.

How to Avoid Foot Problems Due to Diabetes

It is simple to avoid these foot problems. If you are a diabetic you should closely examine your feet each and every time that you take off your shoes. If you should find any bumps, cuts, or abrasions you should treat them immediately. Wash them with antibacterial soap, apply antibacterial healing ointment, and cover the area with a bandage until the area has a chance to heal properly. Small foot problems like a cut or a scrape can turn into a serious complication in diabetics if they are not properly cared for. Examining your feet often is the best thing that you can do to prevent serious foot problems later on down the road.

Preventing Foot Problems

If you should develop a serious foot problem, you should not hesitate in getting in contact with your doctor. Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to foot problems. Wear comfortable shoes and use special soles if you need to in order to prevent blisters. Diabetics who are smokers should know that they are at a higher risk for developing serious complications due to foot problems. Any kind of injury or trauma to the feet can cause serious complications to diabetics. If you are a diabetic who has uncontrolled blood sugar levels you should take extra precaution when it comes to your feet.

Information about Diabetes and Foot Care

Diabetes is a serious health problem that can cause major complications throughout various parts of the body. It is important for diabetics to control their blood sugar levels to avoid these complications. Taking special care of your feet should be a number one priority if you have diabetes. If you experience pain, swelling, itching, or burning feelings in the feet or legs you should seek medical care as soon as possible. These can be signs of an infection that needs to be taken care of immediately. Have your doctor examine your feet when you go in for a checkup. Wear suitable footwear and change your socks often to prevent infection. Wash your feet with antibacterial soap and be sure to thoroughly dry them. Taking better care of your blood sugar levels is one of the best things that you can do to avoid foot problems and complications due to diabetes.

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