Soy and Cacao Could Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

soy cacao and diabetesRecent research states that there may be a connection between soy and cacao flavonoids. Flavonoids come from plants and they have a long list of benefits that you can reap. Flavonoids are compounds that potentially have the ability to reduce the risk of heart related problems in women who are suffering from type two diabetes.

About The Study

Just fewer than one hundred women participated in the study. These women results were recorded for a period of one year after the initial study ended. Most of the women saw in reduction in their risk for cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is a terrible condition that can be deadly. The women in the study also saw an improvement in the manageability of their blood sugar levels.

Soy Is Good For the Body

Even the United States Food and Drug Administration agree that twenty-five grams of soy protein a day can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Soy protein has long been known for its ability to help the body’s blood vessels perform better so that ultimately blood pressure levels are lowered. Those who are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes can reap twice the amount of benefits from consuming more soy proteins in their diets.

Getting More Soy in Your Diet

Soy food options are also good for those who are suffering from diabetes because they do not raise the amount of glucose in the blood too quickly. Soy can easily be incorporated into your diet by making the switch to soy milk or you can opt to start eating a tofu meal a few nights a week. Soy can help provide your body with a few of the important nutrients that it needs to keep you performing at your best.

Information About The Benefits Of Cacao

Cacao comes from a plant and is one of the main ingredients of chocolate. It has also been proven to provide many health benefits. It can also help diabetes control their blood sugar levels. It is not recommended that diabetics start stuffing their faces full of chocolate. They should enjoy these items in stride. Dark chocolate often contains more flavonoids than other types of chocolate. You should be aware that there are only small amounts of flavonoids in candy chocolates. Baking chocolates contain the largest amount of flavonoids.

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