Diabetes and Special Foot Care

Diabetes foot careIt is no secret that when you are diagnosed with diabetes your entire life seems to change. All of a sudden you have to eat differently, exercise differently and even sleep differently. But, although we need to keep a watchful eye on our bodies it is very important that we keep a close watch on our feet. Diabetes damages the nerves on your body. As a result this can lead to poor blood flow in your feet, which can eventually lead to possible amputation of a foot, or even your leg.

There are steps that you can take in order to protect your feet. Daily care such as washing and drying them each and every day is a good place to start. You should use soap that is mild and water that is warm. Never rub your feet dry but pat them gently. It is very important to make sure that you get them completely dry and pay special attention between your toes. Rubbing lotion on your feet after they are dry will help to keep moisture in and stop them from drying out and cracking. This is important to prevent infection anywhere on your feet that could become something much worse.

As you are drying your feet take a close look at them. You want to look for the smallest of cuts, any scratches, red patches or dry skin spots that could start cracking. Be sure to pick and choose the shoes that you wear wisely. Make sure that they are comfortable so you can avoid blisters that could become a source for disease and infection. If you were to get one be sure to care for it with a bandage but never pop it as this will leave an open wound on your foot that could become the site of an infection.

Taking special care of your toenails is also a vital part of foot care. You should always trim your nails while they are soft such as right after you take a bath or a shower. They should be cut straight across and then smoothed down while avoiding cutting the corners. If you are not very good at you could always ask a friend or family member to give you a pedicure or perhaps keep a regular appointment scheduled with the podiatrist and have them trim your nails for you.

Proper foot care is vital to a healthier you. The right shoes, keeping your feet clean and even wearing the right socks can all go a long way in keeping your feet happy and healthy. Small things you can do such as testing water temperature with your hand or elbow and not your feet, never crossing your legs and not performing self treatment of problems is important. You should call your doctor if you notice any cracking especially between your toes, you have any ingrown toenails, if there is any pain or numbness in your feet or legs, any redness or even a callus. Small and simple precautions are the best method.

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