Sensor Augmented Pump Best Monitor of Type 1 Diabetes Patients


Advancements are always being made in the field of medicine. Those that have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes are sure to appreciate the progress that is made in the help of managing and keeping the disease under control. A new study that has been done on pump therapy that is sensor augmented has shown to improve the quality of life for patients.

Although the basic finger stick test is not at all obsolete, it no longer has to be relied upon as the only method of keeping things in check. Type 1 diabetes patients that use this type of pump have found that it helps them improve their quality of life. It continuously monitors glucose levels in real time, which known as continuous glucose monitoring or CGM. Also, it has CSII, which is insulin infusion on a continuous basis.

By having both of these benefits, it was shown that the hemoglobin A1c actually came down in patients. Even though the original standard methods of insulin injections work, the pump has shown better results in maintaining. However, it was shown that if a patient were to do several shots of insulin per day manually, they were able to get excellent results as well, but there seemed to be a better quality of life with the pump.

With studies being conducted on both adult patients and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes, the consistent monitoring with the pump seemed to have a profound effect. The younger patients appeared to prefer the pump and monitoring equipment to the need to stop their activities several times a day in order to get their injection.

Even though some feel that there is no difference and that it is the choice of the patient, it seems that there are benefits and advantages to using the new system. The system is able to monitor glucose levels on a consistent basis, and lets the patient know if there is a situation that they need to pay close attention to. It can give them the injection that they need without their having to stop what they are doing in their daily lives.

It is not a replacement for good, old-fashioned injections, but with the simplicity of the system, it can help patients to keep a closer eye on levels and be able to make immediate adjustments if needed. For example, if they are not eating well that day, the option of being able to see their insulin and glucose levels in real time, they can figure out if they need to eat something then or change their daily food.

This may be one of the biggest benefits of all to diabetes patients. Of course, the convenience of not needing to stop constantly to give themselves a shot can also help to improve their lives by giving them a little more freedom and a sense of getting their lives back in order. For those that are diabetic, knowing that they have something to help make the slightest improvement is a big step.

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