Those with Type Two Diabetes Are At a Higher Risk for Colon Cancer

Diabetes Colon CancerRecent research has revealed that those who are currently suffering from diabetes may need to seek screenings for colon cancer more often than people who do not have diabetes. Researchers state that there may be a direct link between colon cancer and type two diabetes. Diabetes has been known to cause cancerous lesions on the pancreas.

The Rising Risk of Colon Cancer

The risk of colon cancer increases with age. Those who suffer from type two diabetes may be at a higher risk of developing colon cancer at a much earlier age. Doctors state that while they find the information provided by the study to be interesting, they believe that more research needs to be conducted regarding whether or not there is a link between type two diabetes and colon cancer.

Diabetes and Colon Cancer Numbers on the Rise

The number of people that are being diagnosed with diabetes is constantly on the rise. In fact, studies predict that the rate of diabetes diagnoses will rise as much as twenty five percent. As the number of people with diabetes rises each year, the number of people who are at risk for colon cancer also rises. Screening for colon cancer is an extremely uncomfortable process that a lot of people try to avoid like the plague. It is also a very expensive procedure. The price of insurance and healthcare could both rise if more people need to seek colon cancer screenings more often.

Prevention is the Best Medicine to Lower Your Risk of Colon Cancer

Diabetes is a serious health condition that can result in serious side effects such as seizures, coma, and death. Diabetes has been linked to other health conditions such as obesity. Doctors suggests that if you already have a high risk of developing colon cancer you need to seek screenings more often than other folks who are at a lower risk.  Colon cancer can be a condition that has the potential to turn deadly. Being screened for this potentially fatal condition is very important for the future of your health.

How Often You Should Be Screened For Colon Cancer

Screening for colon cancer normally is only done every few years, but those who are at a higher risk should seek screens at least once a year. While screening for colon cancer is not the most pleasant experience in the world, it can be something that could provide you with early detection so you can seek immediate treatment. If you have type two diabetes you should consider seeking screening more often than other folks.  You should also make sure that you are screened for diabetes as well.  Exercising regularly, consuming a healthy diet, and getting regular checkups with your medical professional can help you avoid these serious conditions. Prevention is the best treatment for both colon cancer and type two diabetes. You can enjoy a high quality of life even if you are at a high risk for these serious conditions. Talk to your doctor today to evaluate your risks.

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