Juicing and Diabetes

juicing and diabetesDiabetes continues to be one of the leading health problems today. With the rising population being diagnosed with the disease, alternative treatments other than medicine need to be considered. Juicing is described as the process of imbibing juice from fruits or vegetables as a result of either squeezing or mashing the produce by hand or through the use of a juicer. Juicing has become increasingly popular over the last decade as the benefits are many.

There is evidence that a juice diet may improve the vitality of those with diabetes. By incorporating juice into their daily schedule, diabetics can reap the benefits of adding vital nutrients which their bodies need. These nutrients provide antibiotic, antioxidant and hormonal benefits. It has been recommended by many that individuals who have diabetes seek out juicing as a way to reverse the disease or keep the symptoms of it to a minimum. Vegetables such as Brussels spouts and string beans contain insulin mirroring substances that are beneficial to all diabetics. Fruit juices created in the juicer have often been criticized as increasing the body’s sugar levels, but if kept to a minimum or mixed with vegetables; they pack a potent punch to the diabetes disease. Dieticians and nutritionists alike suggest drinking as little as three cups of fresh and lively vegetable juice per day will cleanse and heal the body.


Raw vegetable juice seems to nourish and rejuvenate the body allowing it to potentially reverse the effects of diabetes. Some alternative health gurus suggest juicing green vegetables more than any other vegetable as they contain a plethora of chlorophyll, which seeks to repair body tissue and is key in removing toxins from the body. Vegetable juice then becomes a powerful therapeutic medium to the effects of diabetes on the body because of its healing properties.

Diabetics will find that there are many different combinations of fruits and vegetables such as apple and carrot; spinach, lettuce and radishes, cucumbers and spouts that will give them that extra boost and potentially conserve the body’s system by keeping the effects of diabetes at bay. Raw juice packs a living enzyme punch assisting in the digestion and thereby addressing the problems that type 1 and type 2 diabetes causes. When juicing to rid the body of diabetes or to keep the effects of diabetes to a minimum, the quality of the juice is also vital. There are two factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the juice from the fruits and vegetables: heat and oxidation. Heating the juice causes enzyme deactivation and oxidation dramatically reduces the quality of juice. Juicers tend to heat the juice as it is passed through the blades because of the electrical current and oxidation can occur the longer the juice is sitting out. This makes it essential for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics to drink the juice the minute it shoots into the glass from the juicer.


Who knew something as simple as juicing could potentially reverse diabetes or at best keep the problems it causes to a minimum? Juicing is one of the easiest and tastiest remedies for diseases of all types.

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