Proteins That Could Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes PreventionDiabetes is a very serious condition that affects the blood sugar levels of the body. Researchers are constantly trying to come up with answers to solve the many mysterious that are associated with diabetes. Recent research and studies have shown that there may be certain proteins in the blood that can help prevent type two diabetes. Scientists, researchers, and doctors are always on the lookout for ways to improve the life of those who are living with diabetes. The recent research suggests that these specific proteins are able to reduce the risk of diabetes for a period as long as ten years. Those battle diabetes could be enjoying a higher quality of life while those who are at risk for diabetes could greatly reduce the chance of them developing this very serious condition.

Certain Proteins Could Help With Diabetes

The proteins that have researchers so excited are called IGF axis. It is named after the insulin growth factor because their biological effects are very much the same. IGF binding proteins were also examined in this study. The levels of the specific proteins were examined in both mice and in humans. The human subjects were studied for up to nine years after the initial research began. Both the mice and the humans experienced a reduced risk of diabetes, even years later.

Who Could Be Helped By This Research

Having high levels of these specific proteins has shown to increase the risk of developing diabetes. Obesity can also put folks at a higher risk for developing diabetes. A lot more research needs to be conducted to prove that these proteins can help prevent the development of diabetes. These proteins can have a lot of different effects and researchers need to narrow down which ones are beneficial and which ones are not. Researchers are not suggesting that people at a high risk for diabetes should be going out and getting themselves tested for high levels of these proteins until more solid and concrete evidence is conducted. There are more answers out there that scientists have not figured out yet, but they surely will with time.

Over seven hundred people were tested during the research that doctors are so hopeful about future usefulness of this information for preventative purposes. More research and trials need to be conducted in order to find more concrete evidence that these proteins can prevent type two diabetes. If you are already suffering from diabetes, you should control your blood sugar levels as much as possible to ensure a high quality of life until more answers are found.

Healthcare professionals strive on a daily basis to provide their patients who have diabetes live a better life. Learning how to prevent diabetes in the future is the best treatment option for future generations. If you are at risk for diabetes you should exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and take care of yourself to the best of your ability. Avoid consuming large amounts of sugar on a regular basis until more answers are found.

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