Recognizing the Warning Signs of Diabetes

Warning signs DiabetesGetting regular checkups is something that we should all do, but unfortunately, we sometimes ignore what our bodies are telling us and forgo our annual visit. Being overweight or having family members with diabetes puts you at a higher risk of developing the disease, which means that you should be even more cautious about watching for the signs and symptoms. If you know what to look for, you will be better informed when going to your doctor with your concerns.

As we get older, things change with our bodies, but one of the signs to look out for is the need to make more trips to the bathroom than usual. There may be the occasion or two when you find yourself urinating more frequently, but when this becomes an everyday occurrence you may have cause for concern. This could be an indication that there is an overabundance of glucose in your bloodstream. Another sign is if you feel as though nothing will quench your thirst. If this is combined with urinating more often, then you should make a trip to the doctor – right after the bathroom, that is.

Losing weight is not a bad thing when you are trying to slim down, but if you find that the pounds start dropping off and you are doing nothing different in your daily life than you may have cause for concern. This is a prominent sign with type 1 diabetes due to insulin no longer being made by your pancreas. For someone that has gone straight to developing type 2 diabetes, they may find that the weight loss is not as prominent in the beginning and will not jump out at them right away. You should also take notice if you are feeling tired or weak even when you are not doing anything strenuous. This again may be because you are lacking insulin, and need to see a doctor.

Other signs that you should look out for are strange tingling or numbness in your limbs and extremities. If your hands, legs and feet start to go numb for no reason, or perhaps you get a tingly sensation on occasion, you need to seek out your doctor’s advice. If you find that your vision is not right and things seem blurry more often than not, if your skin feels like you have a constant case of poison ivy, or perhaps things are taking longer to heal, such as bruises and scratches, these are other signs and symptoms of which you need to take heed.

Of course, many of these could be symptoms of other illnesses but, if you are finding that two or more of these in combination are happening in your life it is important that you schedule a visit with your physician and get tested right away. The sooner you are diagnosed, the faster you can begin a treatment plan that will get you back on the road to good health. It is better to take control and find out early, than to wait until it is too advanced to be controlled easily.



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