Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes, List Keeps Growing

risk factors DiabetesIf patients were unsure about the risk factors for Type 2 diabetes before, the list has now grown. Recent studies are showing there are additional factors that bring on this disease, especially in women.

Depending on the patient’s lifestyle, they may already be undertaking some preventative medicine with their diet and exercise. However, they need to be aware of these new markers for diabetes in order to protect themselves as much as possible.

While skin conditions may not be the first thought that comes to mind, severe psoriasis can increase the risk patients face as a potential diabetes sufferer. The study was completed using over 108,000 people with psoriasis and over 430,000 patients who did not suffer from the autoimmune disease. Apparently, the main component that causes this increased likelihood is the inflammation.

Patients who had both psoriasis and Type 2 diabetes both had elevated levels of inflammatory markers. Psoriasis also makes the body more resistant to insulin, which could hamper treatment over time.

Getting sunshine safely gives women’s bodies a necessary dose of Vitamin D to survive. However, ignoring this recommendation could result in lower levels of Vitamin D and increase their chances of acquiring Type 2 diabetes. In order to avoid this, patients should wear sunscreen while they’re outside but also enjoy some fresh air on a regular basis.

There are also some instances where personal care products might be to blame for these additional chances. In a report from the Environmental Health Perspectives, they noted there is a link between phthalates, often found in perfumes and makeup, and women who experienced diabetic symptoms.

While not all of these cases were officially diagnosed these women self-reported these conditions. The urine tests used to measure phthalate levels in these women were higher than other groups.

Processed food is another danger to watch out for. Because of the way certain meats are processed, such as hot dogs, ingestion of these foods could increase the chances for Type 2 diabetes. The same goes for red meat that has not been processed when eaten in servings of 100 grams or so.

The following risk factors have always been associated with higher chances for Type 2 diabetes, but a review is always a good idea. These include patients over the age of 45, even though medicine is now giving doctors the ability to diagnose it earlier.

Patients who are obese are certainly higher on the risk list for Type 2 diabetes, simply because those extra pounds around the middle section of their bodies increase their chances significantly. For reference, anytime your body mass index is over 25, this is considered obese.

Keep in mind genetics also play a part and if a patient’s family has history with Type 2 diabetes, they may be at risk as well. Talk to your doctor about ways to prevent this, especially when your body is predisposed to this kind of condition. Rather than simply wait for it to occur, you may be able to forestall it by maintaining a good diet and healthy exercise routine.

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