Diabetes Tips

diabetes tipsWith diabetes on the rise, it is essential that people adopt an adequate diet to reduce any additional ailments and to potentially reverse the effects of the disease on the body. Eating right and exercising are two of the most important components for diabetics. Taking the necessary steps to control the disease does not necessarily mean that diabetics need to deprive themselves of living their life. A diabetic does not have to resign themselves to giving up the foods that they love, it is just best to consume them in moderation. Here are some tips in controlling diabetes.

Make Smaller Changes

Maintaining an adequate weight is key to yielding the necessary results needed in controlling diabetes. Adopting an exercise plan that gradually builds up tolerance is important. Experts have noted that if a diabetic can lose 5 to 10 percent of their body weight, it can lower blood sugar levels.


Diet has always been a significant factor in controlling diabetes. Doctors and nutritionists suggest that eating the proper foods that include everything from carbohydrates to green vegetables with nutrients can provide the necessary routine for fighting the effects of the disease. A healthy eating plan can be achieved with proper education about food and its overall effects on the human body. Choosing the right kinds of food is essential. It is suggested that diabetics eat carbohydrates with high fiber. Opt for brown rice and sweet potatoes instead of white rice and potatoes. Limiting the intake of sweets is also important as these are high-calorie foods with a low glycemic index. Selecting foods with healthful fats is also important. Foods such as olive oil and avocados provide healthy fat to the body.

The main objective of the diet tip is to eat slowly to allow the food to be properly digested and to stop eating when you are satisfied. Dessert can be friendly to a diabetic if eaten in moderation. Nutritionists suggest cutting back on carb containing foods in the same meal. In other words, if you are eating bread in your meal, choose a dessert that does not contain a lot of carbohydrates. It is also equally important to eat sweets with a meal rather than as a standalone dessert. When this routine is followed, the body’s blood sugar levels do not rise as rapidly.

There are many diabetic cookbooks on the market that allow the diabetic plenty of options to satisfy their sweet craving and other meal options to cut down on the sugar that the body consumes.

Controlling the intake of alcohol is also equally important. Since alcoholic beverages are composed of sugar, diabetics should watch how many drinks they consume and monitor their glucose levels while drinking. Alcohol can interfere with diabetes medications and insulin so this particular factor is vital in controlling glucose levels.

It is also recommended to keep a food diary. Research has shown that those who keep food diaries are more likely to lose weight and keep their blood sugar levels to a minimum as food diaries allow people to monitor the types of foods they are consuming.

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