Study Ties Chemicals in Beauty Products to Women’s Diabetes Risk

Diabetes Women's Health Risk Study

If there was ever a reason to purchase organic and natural beauty products, the increasing rates of diabetes in women is certainly one of them. With the results of a recent study, scientists are evaluating these new cases and the chemical-related cause.

One of the ingredients in beauty products in general is known as phthalates, which is a chemical that disrupts the hormone balance of your body. It’s also found in a variety of beauty products, including everything from soap to nail polish. As far as the rate of exposure to these chemicals, cosmetic products are not the only culprits. In fact, phthalates can be found in various electronics and toys as well.

In order to measure the levels of phthalates in women across the country, researchers used a urine test to determine accumulated levels. Those women who had higher levels of either mono-benzyl or mono-isobutyl phthalates had double the chances of developing diabetes. Clearly, this was noted to be a concern for women everywhere.

If the test results showed a higher-than-average, or a moderately high level of phthalates in the women’s bodies, the doctors concluded that they had a 60% to 70% increased chance of getting the disease in their lifetime.

However, the results of these tests are inconclusive because the women were not officially diagnosed with diabetes. Rather, these were self-reported cases, which is not a reliable form of research. Therefore, scientists and doctors cannot declare that diabetes is definitely caused by the absorption of phthalates into the women’s internal systems.

Another disconcerting factor is that phthalates are also found in medication and medical devices that are used for the treatment of diabetes. Scientists report this could be the reason for the higher levels of the chemical in the women’s bodies. In order to come up with a conclusive figure and result, more testing will need to be completed.

In the meantime, those patients who want to learn more about this process can research it with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They have online sources for your review and you can find out what the latest official status of the case is. This information will be updated as they obtain more figures from the scientists and doctors working on the project.

Certainly, it is always better to use natural or organic-based products, especially when it comes to beauty. These items go directly into the bloodstream through the skin, which are then carried to the body’s major organs. This alone should make any woman more aware of what she is using on her body at all times.

In order to evaluate a product before purchase, remember to read the back of the bottle to see what’s included. This process will help any cosmetic or beauty product shopper avoid many of these conditions, no matter what the cause may be. If a woman decides to make herself responsible for her own health, then one of the steps she will take is to pay more attention to the ingredients than the cost.

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