Metformin Could Have Preventative Health Benefits

Metformin Health BenefitsDiabetes is a serious chronic condition that can affect the quality of your health and the quality of your life. There are two types of diabetes. Type one and type two diabetes affect the body’s reaction to sugar. Some diabetics’ bodies experience a resistance to insulin while other diabetics experience an intolerance to glucose. Recent research has shown that a diabetes medication may have a lot more possibilities that scientists originally thought.

How Metformin is Beneficial 

Metformin is used to treat diabetic patients. There has been research conducted over the years that suggests that metformin can have a lot of other uses. Millions of people who are currently suffering from diabetes currently have a prescription for metformin. Recent research states that this medication could have more uses. It could be used to treat one of the leading causes of blindness.

What the Research Shows

 Tests were performed on lab rats that found that not only did metformin reduce the blood sugar levels of the rats; it greatly reduced the rats’ risk of developing uveitis. Uveitis is a very serious eye condition which inflames the center part of the eyeball. This condition can lead to blindness. The rats that were given metformin showed a lowered risk of developing the condition. Uveitis is well known for causing up to fifteen percent of all cases of blindness.

Information about Uveitis and Metformin

 Uveitis is caused by a number of different things, but it is most commonly caused by immune disorders or diseases that are infectious. The rats were given a bacterial infection after being given metformin. Using metformin prevented the rats from developing any serious condition. Researchers feel that metformin is a fantastic and productive way to prevent uveitis. They strongly believe that metformin has preventive benefits. The research also suggests that metformin could be a mood enhancer as well. Researchers believe that that metformin has a boat load of therapeutic benefits.

How Metformin is Effective in Preventing Blindness

 Metformin is said to work with an enzyme called AMPK. This enzyme reduces the production of a protein called NF-Kappa B. The lack of this protein reduces the production of molecules that are needed to develop uveitis. Since metformin is so widely used and so widely trusted, it would not be a surprise for this drug to quickly go through the process to be used to prevent uveitis. Researchers say that more trials and research needs to be conducted to provide concrete evidence that metformin can be used in preventative care.

Doctors are hopeful that after more clinical trials are completed they will be able to quickly be able to get the drug to their patients for preventative treatment. If you are someone who is currently taking metformin as a treatment for your diabetes, you are already reaping the preventative benefits that metformin can provide. Metformin is known to be a safe drug that hopefully will be soon proven to be effective in preventing serious conditions such as uveitis that can lead to blindness.

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