New Hope for Diabetes and Obesity with Wild Almond Tree Oil

Diabetes Obesity and a CureThe oil, which comes from the seeds of the tree, was used in a study on mice. The researchers and scientists are on a daily mission when it comes to combating diabetes and obesity of which the two seem to go hand in hand. New research has been done using oil extract from the wild almond tree and the results were amazing. It has been found that the oil seems to have a profound effect on the specific microorganisms that are in our tummies, which are believed to be related to both diabetes and obesity.ults showed that the mice that were obese had better insulin sensitivity. This alone was reason enough to push on with the research to see what could be found. There are different microorganisms that live in the tummy of obese and non-obese mice. When the oil was given to each type of mouse, those that were obese were affected, but those that were slim had no change. An enzyme known as stearoyl-CoA desaturase1 is associated with the resistance of insulin. This is one of the causes of obesity and diabetes. When the oil was given to the mice, the results found were that actually combated this enzyme and by-passed it so to speak. It means that it can be blocked and diabetes and obesity may have a fighting chance. Obese mice that were also used in the research were found to be lacking leptin (regulates metabolism) and had a different types of microorganisms living in their belly. This is one of the factors  leading to obesity.

The mice that were used in the study were both obese and non-obese. Each group was separated into two groups and fed a specific diet. One group of obese mice were given the oil, and the other group had a regular diet same as the non-obese mice. At the end of two months, the results showed that although there was no weight loss, there was significant improvement in glucose and insulin tolerance as well as the types of organisms living within the belly area.

It is hopeful that with the findings of the research, there is a possibility a help for preventing obesity and maybe even diabetes. Although diabetes does not stem from obesity alone it is however a big contributor to the disease. It makes sense that if you can help with one you will be able to affect the other. Of course, it is not going to be a cure but, it can help to create insulin sensitivity which is a major accomplishment in fighting obesity and keeping diabetes under control or even at bay.

Of course, while the results are very exciting, wild almond tree oil is not a cure all as of yet. For many, it could be an answer to a long spoken prayer to help keep their diabetes under control. It may even be the answer to getting obesity under control and helping people to better manage their weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

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