New Study Shows Lowered Risk of Diabetes with Vitamin D Supplements

diabetes vitamin supplementsA new study has been released recently that states that people may be able to avoid and prevent diabetes by consuming vitamin d supplements. The studies show that people who consumed high amounts of vitamin d on a daily basis were a lot less likely to develop type two diabetes. Over two thousand participants were included in the study. Half of the participants in the study were given a placebo while others were given vitamin d supplements.  The participants were also followed for over two years after the initial study was completed.

Lack of Vitamin D Linked to Other Conditions

If you consume vitamin d supplements and along with increasing the amount of physical activity that you participate in you can decrease your risk for developing diabetes. In fact, vitamin d deficiencies have been linked to other disease other than diabetes such as heart disease. Mental illness and cancer have also been linked to vitamin d deficiencies.

Preventing Diabetes by Purchasing the Right Vitamin D Supplements

If you are someone who is at risk for developing diabetes due to your genes or the other risk factors like obesity, you should consider taking vitamin d supplements. You should speak with your doctor about how vitamin D supplements could affect any other medications that you may be taking. If you are buying vitamin d supplements you should not assume that are supplements are created equal. They definitely are some big differences between vitamin d supplement brands. Be sure to read the label of the supplement bottle before you buy it. There are some supplements that are mostly made with filler and do not provide the same benefits that true vitamin d supplements do. The supplements that are made with filler can cause serious damage to your teeth if you take them over a long period.

Live Healthier by Making Small Changes

It is suggested to take vitamin d supplements and make serious lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, to help reduce the risk of developing diabetes. There are a lot of people who have found results by using this new information to their advantage. It is amazing the information that science and research can provide. The best diabetes treatment is prevention. Prevention starts with regular work out sessions, maintaining a proper diet, and providing your body with all of the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to fight back against serious diseases such as diabetes.

Diabetes is Not a Joke

Diabetes is a serious condition that you should try to avoid at all costs. It is easy to find vitamin d supplements both online and in local stores. They are a cost effective way to protect yourself from diabetes, heart diseases, and other serious conditions. Caring for your health is vital if you are risk for diabetes or any other serious condition or disease. Carefully consider adding a vitamin d supplements to your daily diet. You will be lowering your chances of developing diabetes in no time.

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