Metformin: Does This Golden Medication Cause Heart Attacks?

Metformin has been used in the past to treat patients who suffer from type two diabetes. This medication lowers the glucose levels in the blood and has been very effective in treating the symptoms of type two diabetes. Recent research states that this medication is not all that it is cracked up to be. The studies showed that patients who suffer from type two diabetes and were taking metformin had an increased chance of heart related problems. In fact, there was a sixty- four percent increase in risk for heart related problems for those taking metformin for type two diabetes.

The Ups And Downs of Metformin

The drug is effective in controlling blood sugar levels in patients who are overweight and suffer from diabetes. Patients who are not overweight and suffer from type two diabetes do not seem to have any problems with the drug. There is a lot of debate surrounding the study that proposes that metformin causes heart problems. A lot of folks within the medical community are baffled by the fact that the study was even published due to the lack of information. Those on the opposed side firmly stand by their findings and state that nearly ninety-five percent of patients who take metformin for a diabetes treatment often experienced an increased risk for heart related problems.

Researchers Debate This Topic and Take Sides

Many professionals within the medical and scientific community laugh at this study, stating that metformin is one of the most effective treatments for diabetes and that it causes the least amount of side effects and potential hazards. Metformin has been used for many decades in the treatment of diabetes. Researchers argue that overweight patients who suffered heart related issues while taking metformin could have suffered a heart attack due to the excess weight on their bodies putting strain on their hearts. They feel opposing researchers are jumping to conclusion by assuming there is a connection between the medication and heart problems in those suffering from type two diabetes. Diabetics who are panicking should know that not all people taking metformin suffered heart related problems. The study does not have solid proof that metformin causes any health risks to the patient.

Is Metformin Safe?

Metformin does not cause weight gain nor does it cause hypoglycemia. There is not concrete evidence that states that Metformin causes heart problems like heart attacks either. Metformin has not been proven to cause strokes either. More research needs to be conducted to provide solid evidence of whether or not Metformin puts type two diabetics at risk for heart related problems. Metformin has been called the golden medication for type two diabetes. The meta analysis of this medication does not provide concrete proof that it is harmful to those taking it. If you are taking Metformin and need reassurance do not hesitate in talking to your doctor about the risks and perks that are associated with taking Metformin. They should not have any problems answering any questions or concerns that you have concerning this diabetes medication.

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