New Study Tests Diabetic Glucose Level in Teardrops

With the number of diabetics rising by the day, scientists are busy finding another way to test blood sugar, rather than doing the traditional painful skin prinks. Diabetics have to prink their fingers and skin a few times a day, which is painful and also causes thick calluses. One way that scientists are testing currently is through teardrops. Let’s take a closer look at this new test that scientists are performing.

Skin pricks are painful, especially if you have done it several times a day. The new test results states that scientists have found that a certain chemical sensor can measure blood sugar levels in teardrops rather than in the blood. They have tested the teardrops of 12 anesthetized rabbits and found that they can measure the levels of blood glucose. They say that it may be possible to measure the levels a few times a day through the tears rather than pricking one’s finger.

Doctors’ recommend that diabetic individuals prick their fingers with a pin or lancet several times a day to draw blood and measure their blood sugar levels to ensure it is near the normal range. It is an invasive method to drawing blood and it is painful which might discourage some patients from doing it on a regular and frequent basis. This is the case, especially for children, who are younger and other more scared of pins and pain. This is mentioned by Dr. Mark Meyerhoff, who is the University of Michigan chemistry professor who is the one behind this testing. He talked to CBS News and explained their testing.

All a diabetic would have to do is use a little tube to take a little part of the tear from their eyes and then put it into a handheld device that would take that and measure the glucose level. Unfortunately, its years away from being available to everyone but it is exciting at the possibility. It is still will not be able to wholly replace blood sugar levels because individuals will have to take their blood occasionally to calibrate the machine.

They are excited about this testing because it changes the way over 26 million people test themselves on a daily basis. This is a popular area right now as the disease is growing and affecting more and more people around the world. There have been machines that have been taken off the market because of their unreliability. Some of the machines that have been tested but haven’t worked are taking measurements on a device that attaches the earlobes and reads the glucose via the skin. But it has been unreliable and cannot be reproduced all the time, says Dr. George Grunberger, a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist board.

Diabetes is a deadly and costly disease that makes individuals pricks their fingers to test their blood sugar levels. There has been a new study that tested whether the levels of blood glucose in tears can be obtained. The test was successful and they were able to try it out on 12 anesthetized rabbits.

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