Can a Vegan Diet Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

Diabetes is a medical problem that needs proper monitoring, especially since it can cause a lot of negative issues in the body.  Complications centered on the kidneys and other organs can be among the results of this condition.  Since it can be problematic for many people, experts have spent considerable time attempting to find solutions to help those afflicted and manage their diabetes, and perhaps even reverse its effect.

Prior studies have been done using a vegan diet to help reverse this condition.  However, one cannot conclude that it can actually reverse the results of diabetes given the absence of group tests and comparison.  With the help of the Diabetes Action and Research Education Foundation, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) was allowed to conduct a controlled test to compare it with American Diabetes Association diet.  This test was also conducted in partnership with Georgetown University.

In this test scenario, they asked diabetes patients who are not insulin-dependent to undergo the test which lasted three months while consuming a specified diet.  Caterers would also be provided to help prepare the meals with their respective diet, especially for the vegan diet.  They had been prepared in a way that patients could take home and reheat.

Researchers were able to get the number of people that they needed for testing.  They served an unrefined vegan diet to ensure the utmost benefit, as outlined above, will be obtained, just like in the past studies.  Results were noted and compared with how these diets affected the patient.

Looking at the results, patients who were assigned on their specific diets were noted to lose weight.  However, there was a significant difference when it comes to the amount of weight they lost.  People who were following the vegan diet lost more compared to those who were following the American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet.  In fact, the amount of the weight lost by the participants under the vegan diet was almost 50% more than people who followed the ADA diet.

When it comes to clinical testing, there is also a significant difference on the fasting sugar test when patients religiously follow the vegan diet program.  In addition, people who are on the ADA diet still need to take their medication, compared to those who are were on the vegan diet.  People who are suffering from this condition may be interested in eliminating the need for routine medication, so they may find the vegan diet to be beneficial.

Furthermore, a lot of patients have indicated positive feedback about the diet.  Some achieved other benefits that were unexpected in following the diet.  Others even noted how they liked the diet in comparison to other diet plans they followed.

In conclusion, this test may give the impression that a vegan diet is enough to reverse the effects of diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes.  However, the experts who did the test caution that further testing is needed to achieve more conclusive results and establish it as a solution to diabetes.  Consulting a physician with this diet and maintaining medication management is a good way to go in the meantime.

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