So You Have Diabetes

So you have been diagnosed with diabetes. How do you react? Being told by your doctor that you have abnormal blood glucose levels can be extremely stressful. After all, diabetes is a serious medical condition. It is constantly on the news, and it is a matter of common knowledge things that can possibly go wrong will go when left untreated. What should you do?

First of all: breathe. Step away for a moment and just breathe deeply and let your body relax. Being diagnosed with diabetes is the first step in a long, difficult journey. Before you set off, take a minute to prepare yourself and give your body and mind a bit of time to process the news.

Then you will probably go through three common emotions that come with news of this kind: denial, guilt and anger. These are all normal and a natural part of the process of coming to grips with what is going on. Denial will help you take in the shock of the diagnosis at your own pace. You may have been in denial for a while about there anything being wrong. This is fine, it will help you gradually deal with it at a rhythm that is adequate for you. Feelings of guilt are soon to follow: Why did I not take better care of myself? Why did I eat too much or not exercise enough? Why did I not get myself checked more often? It is as if you directly caused the diabetes. Yet it was not. You have no conscious control over what your metabolism does or over your genetics. Let these feelings go and help yourself. Nothing is as important as making sure that you have all the help you need. Being there for you is essential for getting better. Let the guilt go and think constructively, what is done is done. You may also be feeling angry. This is also a usual way to react to the news and generally means that you are ready to acknowledge the full extent of what is going on. This is not bad either; it means you can start managing your disease.

Diabetes has never been a mild condition, but it is entirely manageable. It is not comfortable at all, but with some expert help and the right attitude, you can learn to live with it and not let it turn into something worse. Positive thought and a constructive attitude is what you need most of all. The right outlook can ensure that you keep this condition in check. A positive mental attitude is the thing that drives all other parts of the management plan. Without it, the motivation to get better and avoid complications is not there. The way you feel and your attitude towards diabetes underlies any other treatment.

Most of all remember that diabetes is not you; it is something that has happened to you. A very small part of everything of which you are comprised. Do not let it define your life. Stay positive and mentally ready and the difference will be enormous.

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