One in Ten Adults will have Diabetes

A new study shows that by 2030, one in ten adults will have diabetes. Not only is this a sad statistic, the study showed that because of this, it will cause issues with economic growth because it’s killing people during their most productive years of their life. This will happen in the world’s fastest growing economies. Currently 26 million Americans have diabetes and another 79 million are pre-diabetic. Throughout the world, there are about 336 million individuals with diabetes and it is estimated by the International Diabetes Federation that another 183 million people have diabetes but just do not know. That number is expected to rise fast and be enormous by 2030.

It is estimated that about 552 million individuals will have diabetes by 2030, which is one in ten adults. This is a new study performed by the International Diabetes Federation, which is based out of Brussels and represents over 200 national diabetes associations throughout the world. With high calorie diets and lifestyles that are sedentary, the disease of diabetes is spreading not only in the United States but in China also. China ranks number one with individuals who have diabetes. There are over 90 million individuals with diabetes in that country which is much more than any other country.

The study and report showed that individuals between 40 and 59 had the most reported cases of diabetes. It is a disease spread throughout the entire world and it is in every country and community. This was from a statement read by the federation’s president, Jean Claude Mbanya. The federation president said that they are losing the battle against this deadly and cruel disease.

It is a cruel and deadly disease and therefore it causes productivity loss and a lot of money for medical treatment. Not only for the treatment for the disease itself but for the complications of the disease, has this included cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, eye and oral problems. The total of all that medical treatments and productivity losses will total $47 trillion by the year 2030. This was documented in a study performed by the World Economic Forum and Harvard University. They published this study in September.

There are a few drug companies, such as Eli Lilly, Sanofi and Novo Nordisk A/S, that are working to help treat diabetes. Their sales of diabetic therapies and treatments grew 12% last year. That growth puts them in fourth place for the biggest therapeutic class, which is behind medicine for cholesterol, breathing disorders and cancer. This is according to IMS Health who performed the market research.

One disease that is growing rapidly is diabetes. While there are 336 million people with diabetes right now, another 183 million do not even realize they have the disease. That number is not going to slow down as they are expecting by 2030 that over 552 people will have diabetes. It is a disease that is worldwide and growing. China currently has the most individuals with diabetes and there are countries that are not too far behind. The treatment companies are trying their best to find the best treatment for this dangerous disease.

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