Changing the Future for Those Suffering From Diabetes

Senator Daniel Akaka has introduced a bill in his home state of Hawaii about which the American Diabetes Association is very happy. The bill is meant to remove racial health disparities and ethnic health disparities. The bill intends to take action by improving the research, training in the work force, and awareness so that more people know about how to prevent diabetes. The American Diabetes Association helps spreads awareness about diabetes as they strive to cure, manage, and control their conditions. The support of the American Diabetes Association makes Senator Daniel Akaka very confident that his bill is going to be passed so that more research to help those who suffer from diabetes can have a more manageable life.

Stats about Diabetes in America

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects millions of people from all around the world. There are many different types of diabetes. Seventy nine million Americans currently suffer from a condition from called pre-diabetes. This condition puts those who have it at a higher risk for developing diabetes. Diabetes often affects those who are classified as minority populations. Roughly, twenty six million people in the United States suffer from diabetes. Out of those twenty six million people, twelve percent of those people were African American and another eleven percent of those people are Hispanics. Asian American makes up another eight percent of the people who are suffering from diabetes while Alaskan natives and American Indians make up a whopping sixteen percent. The bill that Senator Akaka has introduced plans to help remove racial and ethnic disparities in the healthcare system.

Information Regarding Gestational Diabetes in Racial and Ethnic Groups

Gestational diabetes, which is a type of diabetes that occurs in some pregnant women, is more common in women who are from these ethnic groups. The bill aims to provide more people with the proper education that they need to help control their blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes all together. More funding will be directed towards spreading awareness and supplies in an effort to eliminate racial and health disparities. Gestational diabetes is more common is rural remote areas where the poverty level is high. Improper diet, consuming large amounts of sugar, and obesity are all things that have been associated with contributing to the large number of people who suffer from this condition.

The Health Equity and Accountability Act

The bill is called the Health Equity and Accountability Act. This bill has the potential to save lives as well as provide a better quality of life for those who are currently suffering from diabetes. The ethnic and racial disparities that are currently plaguing American could be a thing of the past. Remote areas such as the lands of Alaskan natives are more prone to know less information about the latest advances in diabetes treatments. Some areas even lack a basic understanding of what diabetes is and how it can seriously affect their lifestyle. This bill could change the future of diabetes forever, as new research will be able to be conducted.

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